I work for a Medical Clinic, On the floor Peter helped us with our order, told us the delivery would come the next day between 8 and 10am, so we unplugued computers, moved patient files, and could not work all through the day. After 2 pm, when the delivery had not arrived we decided to call and find out what was going on, then we were told the delivery would come between 2 and 6pm, this after a whole day of having the office not functioning.

When it finally arrived around 5 pm, our delivery was not complete, I called to ask about it and was told that they did not ship it complete, gave me a case number, spoke to 4 different people in customer service, the first and second and third told me the missing items were in stock, the fourth in back line resolution, a Leshea, said they were not in stock and said she could not reach anybody in the store, even though I could, and then she finally said the items were not in stock, and that I would have to wait for 3 days until they could figure out where my items were. After 5 days, we call, and we are told that the items were not paid for, even though the 4 people I have spoken to before said they were paid for. So this whole mess started with the guy in the floor, then the cashier woman who did not include all our items, but still charged us for full delivery on all the items, and then the girl from delivery at the first floor that checked the receipt and told us everything was fine. Then all the customer service people that do not know what they are talking about and can not help a customer that is having problems with their order.

What a terrible service and what a terrible chain of mistakes by multiple people. Our business will never do business with ikea again.

Review about: Ikea Cashier.

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