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UPDATE: Still say don\'t use them. Got £100 gift card from IKEA for the trouble!!!!

Do they really think I\'ll buy anything else from them - no way.

I gave it to a family member who wanted some bed linen. As for the installation company - they pass the buck continually, still if IKEA employ idiots what else can you expect but idiotic workmanship.

I\'m done with IKEA

Original review posted by user Feb 24, 2012

Bought a kitchen from IKEA, used the installation company DTW installations they highly recommend as apparently they only fit kitchens for them and no one else - I can see why. Kitchen installation should have taken three days it took THREE WEEKS!!

They put a work surface up with such a slope in dropped 2" lower at one end, they damaged a newly laid floor and had to replace it, they caused a leak which they left me catching with a bucket for over a week before they returned to sort it and then they couldn't.. They damaged white goods with dents etc., The finish is so bad my complaint is in the hand of Trading Standards.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Installation.

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My experience with both Ikea and DTW was absolutely spot on. I expected a few issues along the way but I simply couldn't fault them, their team, the communication, the workmanship.

I could go on and on. The fitters were absolute Pro's in every way.


My IKEA kitchen was installed by DTW in 2012. They did an excellent job - fast and efficient and all work was excellent.


Same here!


Looks like its still happening.An in-known fitter was used by DTW to fit our kitchen and his mate was off all week.Wall damaged, Tools left blocking dining room doorway all weekend.Power tools left on the floor all weekend.No-one turns up to finish the work.Offered £100 - NOT ACCEPTED!


We are about to lodge a complaint our kitchen utility and dining room took 7 weeks, we knew it wouldn't take one week, the job was too big !!!! workmanship and installation excellent,two guys subbing for dtw.

The two guys initially installing worked 12 hour days and a Saturday morning! Ikea missed items,sent damaged items,nearly sent another kitchen!!!

Measuring up from DTW abysmal, got so much wrong!!!! I could go on!!!!




The fitters that did ours specifically asked if he could leave some tools, which I thought was nice considering they had so many I wouldn't have expected them to take them every day. Not only that but he also left them out of reach and asked me again at the end of the day if they were ok there and out of the way of kids etc.

After that he still took some of them home with him as he likes to have them handy if he ever needs them! what a pro


Had a brilliant experience with DTW who have just finished our kitchen. The crew worked really hard, everything finished perfectly (including worktop joins) and they made sure they discussed little details where I needed to make a decision.

Great crew, would recommend.

Apparently crews are self-employed and contracted by DTW, wonder whether this makes a difference to consistency of service? Helen


Has any body got the telephone number for dtw the ikea kitchen installation company thanks


I also had a nightmare of an installation with DTW Installations. Although I am pleased with the product from IKEA the installation by DTW Installations does not do IKEA any favours at all as it reflects on them. I suggest you find your own installer or if you enjoy DIY then do it yourself.


Had same experience from DTW. I trusted Ikea's own fitters and am now left out of pocket and with a bodged kitchen that I can half use.

I get no response from DTW and am being fobbed off by Ikea. I am now considering legal action.