I purchased Kitchen cabinets and closet furniture from IKEA. First of all, they sent me the wrong items so I had to call and asked them to resend it.

They said I'll get a call back within 24 hrs because they need to check delivery company if the misplaced product. However, I didn't receive anything after 2 days so I called them back and Customer service told me that I have to wait for 48 hrs with an attitude which was different from what they told me before. So I told her I waited 48 hrs already and she checked the status and told me that Delivery company sent IKEA a wrong information so she told me to wait 48 hrs again. I had to reschedule with contractor because of this and remodel got delayed.

In addition, I scheduled another delivery for closet furniture and specifically told them that they have to come before 4 as my building doesn't allow delivery after 4. That morning, automated phone call told us that delivery will come between 4PM to 8PM which is the time that we can't get anything delivered so I called customer service for IKEA and they said there's nothing they can do. I also called customer service at delivery company and they said there's nothing they can do either and they told me I have to contact IKEA customer service. So we went that morning to IKEA to reschedule and to make them not come but Customer service said we have to wait until driver attempt to deliver and come back with products, then somebody will call us for reschedule.

So even though they couldn't deliver, the delivery guy came to our building at the time that we specifically told them that they can't, and left. We had to then waited IKEA to call us again to let us know to reschedule the delivery and pay delivery fee and 50 additional fee to make sure they come before 4. How *** is that? Seriously they are wasting so much clients' money by doing this kind of thing.

I really really really will try my best not to deal with IKEA anymore going forward. I am very very disappointed in their customer service and nonsense delivery procedure.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of kitchen cabinets and associated monetary loss in the amount of $8000. Ikea needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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