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We ordered a kitchen and was told that the trucking company would contact us with the time of delivery. This was after a delivery date was provided.

After spending approximately 3 hrs. on hold the delivery time was given to us - it was for a Saturday delivery between 1 and 5. When this time expired we once again contact the delivery service and was informed that our delivery was not on the truck for delivery. Once again on hold with customer service for an additional 1 and a half hours we were informed delivery would be the following week.

This was totally unacceptable. Another hour with customer service and was able to have the kitchen pulled from the warehouse to be delivered on Sunday. At 5pm it was delivered. Not all of the boxes were there.

Again with customer service for another 2 hrs. At this time we were informed they were not in stock and once they were received we would receive a call. When checking online we saw that they were indeed at the store in Levittown, NY so we went to the store and waited for another hour for resolution. I don't know how you can treat customers with such poor service.

I will never buy anything from Ikea again that requires delivery and intend to tell anyone planning to do so, no way.

This is my email and would like to hear from someone regarding this issue.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: compensation for 7 hrs of frustraton on the phone and poor customer service.

Ikea Cons: Poor customer service.

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