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Becareful what you purchase from IKEA. If there are flaws that you can't see when you purchase it due to packaging and try and take it back, they won't take it back because it is flawed.

Then you are stuck with it. . . Learned the hard way.

We know have a mattress that had flaws in the cover that we can't use. Great way to waste space in our house. We called customer service when we got it home and mentioned the spots and they said it was normal. So we had issues with the mattress not fitting our needs and went to return and get another.

They wouldn't take it back because of the discoloration.

They said they looked at the security footage and it was rolled tightly in the plastic, which we agreed so we couldn't see it when we bought it. They have now lost what was a good customer and anyone else I can convince to to buy from IKEA.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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