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After purchasing some cabinets (45 minute wait), We decided to change the color, but since it was another 45 minute wait to see anyone, we decided to just call the store or customer service and handle this. Store is 2 hr round trip for us.

Called customer service and was told (after another 30 min.) they couldn't help and I needed to drive back to the store to do this. REALLY? Ok, so let's just cancel and I will reorder on-line. NOPE!

Drive to the store for that. This is the worst customer care ever. It took me 45 minutes and asking for a supervisor to simply cancel an order. After telling me over and over she couldn't do it, I said I'd just call cc company...then she says, well I can just cancel it.

Wow, a simple procedure could have been handled in 5 minutes and I would have reordered.

Now, no way am I giving my 5k to this company. Cheap ***, high priced and zero help...who needs that?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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