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I've shopped this store on occasion since it opened with no problems and total satisfaction. I made the drive today to make purchases and it went downhill in a hurry.

One item was shown plenty in stock using the online feature, but when I got there, only the display item was being shown. An employee said they'd check and suggested I get on with my shopping and come back. I did. No one around to answer questions or re-check stock.

The horror was at checkout. The cashier billed me twice for a pair of house shoes I'm taking on holiday! They were very inexpensive, but billed TWICE??!!! I went back to the cashier, and he refused to deal with me as his lane was now closed.

I had to go to the refund desk and the dead flies would have fallen off that employee, she moved ever so slow and it was such a chore for her to deal with me. Oh, their credit card scanners don't work well at all, either. I think I'm done with this place, I really do. The store was full of parents with sick kids coughing and sneezing all over, not covering their faces.

Oh, what fun it was! Time to re-think IKEA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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