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I recently started shopping at Ikea, and I must say I love their stores.

I went in there hopeful. I was looking for the STORÅ Loft bed frame in white stain for $299.00.

We put it together and it looked really nice. I really wanted it to be functional.

Unfortunately, I discovered it isn't very sturdy. Not even sitting on the bed, just like grabbing the bed post while standing next to it, it's shaky.

Also, with the ceiling requirements of 8' 6" there's a serious lack of head room. My ceilings are 9 feet and it felt really stuffy.

I didn't know until after I bought it that it only supports the weight of 1 person at a time. That wasn't on the website. It's for a full sized bed so I assumed it would be able to support 2 people.

I was glad it was made in Poland at least, rather than China, assuming there is no child labor or forced labor there.

Lastly, my mattress met the requirements for thickness at 8.5" but once I put it on the frame there were barely any guard rails. It left about less than 3" of coverage. It's pretty scary. I could easily roll off. The maximum mattress requirements should be more like 5 or 6 inches.

I'm going to return the bed. I'm going with another company that makes hard wood bed frames in upstate New York. They have better guard rail options and a good reputation.

I will still shop at Ikea, but not for things like this.

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You secure the ladder base with screws provided by the bed, next time follow directions.


I agree. I bought a similar one for my son, who is a big boy, for $200.

Set up was easy, but I was worried about the cheap wood ladder base you unfold across the frame. There was no way to secure it. So naturally, my son kept falling through the bed frame.

I had to screw in the ladder frame in to the thin frame and got cheap wood from Home Depot to build cross beams. So far its holding up, but I would recommend the bed frames to anyone for safety reasons.