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here is how it all begun,

I ordered a mattress online. click.

pressed the wrong button on the size of the mattress.

and now I have a twin matt set up for delivery to my home. i submitted this yesterday. This morning i read the confirmation email, realized that I had chose the wrong size. and attempted to contact ikea direct. since that is where I was referred to.

I called Ikea driect at about 8 this morning. they said they were closed and disconnected the line. I called back at 11am, still closed i guess... even though according to their hours of operation they should be open.

So I decided to call my nearest ikea branch, and spoke to two different reps. The first, immediately transferred me to a voicemail.

the second, told me that they would bring a different representative on the line for me not a machine.i was still transferred to a voicemail. (so i left a very lovely message.)

I attempted to contact early so that I would be able to fix a mistake I had made before it became a problem for them. But they dont seem to mind much that I am going to be overcharged for something that I dont want

what a way to stall and ensure that I am charged that extra hundred bucks for delivery that could have been prevented. thanks Ikea, thanks. ya bastards.

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