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Having been to Ikea many times in various states and always having fair customer service I was appalled at the treatment and down right rudeness I was showed today at Ikea's Brooklyn location. I showed up this morning to exchange something I bought 2 days ago from their As-Is section.

I bought it primarily because I didn't have time to go through the whole store looking for furniture with my one year old in tow. When the item did not work in my space I looked at the receipt and there was no reference to "exchanging" as-is furniture. The only reference says no refunds; therefore I loaded the item and my son in the car and drove 35 minutes to the store. Arriving at the store I was told to take a number in which I would proceed to wait 45 minutes to see a sales associate.

She as very rude informed me that they will not take the item back; I tried to explain I just wanted to exchange it for another item in there as-is section. Finally she called her manager which was just as rude and was actually laughing with the girls making a joke of us. She called the two store managers which explained to her I would have to wait. After waiting for nearly one hour (with my 1year old) the store managers John and Jason who told me that, yes I was correct that it did not say on the receipt, nor was it posted on the wall behind the counter stating their policies however there is a small sign stating it in the As-Is room.

I explained that one would only see that sign if you happen to go all the way in the room; as I did not because there happens to be so many items, they spill onto the space behind the registers. I tried to explain my point when he abruptly said "I am done talking to you. and told me if I wasn't buying anything I needed to leave. He then called security to escort me out.

Wait...this 6 foot 250lb plus man is scared of little 5'6 125lb me and is calling security? Are you kidding? I asked for the corporate offices address and number he refused to give me the address instead one of the other managers gave me the 1800 # and he said I could go on line and find out for my self the address. When asked what the names of the sales associates/mgrs I spoke to he refused to give me the information saying I am the only one you need to know and my name is Jason as he laughed.

I can not tell you how ignorant and rude this individual was and he is representing the company, this is an embarrassment in this economy I don't know how any company can survive with this type of disregard to the customers!

We are the ones who keep their doors open! Thank twice before visiting and purchasing at this location!!!

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Atlanta, New York, United States #775239
I agree Brooklyn IKEA is the worst !!! :?

It doesnt have anything to do with being"ghetto".You get what you pay for,you cant expect going into Ikea and receiving the same service as that of Bergdorf's or Saks.If the furniture came from a more high end store the service would be alot better.Secondly an As-is sale is just that as-is. There shouldnt be any type of refund or excahnging going on!The problem with the Ikea in Bklyn is that you can never get anyone on the phone to ask a simple question.You are transferred to three million different people before getting an answer.The calls should directly go to customer service point blank period. You have to speak to a phone operator who then routes the call where they should go.The call gets routed but never answered by customer service.There should be a manager on duty and one or two workers who just answer calls and do nothing else.These are the prices we pay for cheap furniture people!


Also notice the poster "didn't have time". If you don't have time to shop, then don't buy things...

then the poster complains about all the time Ikea wasted. The poster obviously has an over valued opinion of their time, and that of others. The truth is really in the post. Making excuses right of the bat, as to why they were buying "as is" items to begin with.

The poster is trying to cover up their own fault in the situation. When the poster states they have been to Ikea in many "various states" I wonder if they mean of inebriation.


This is just one side of the story. I can imagine anyone that would return an "as is" item because it didn't fit their space, has a pretty one sided opinion to this situation.

The poster says that they have been to many Ikea's in many states. The poster is likely not a Brooklynite and has no idea how to properly get things accomplished in this city. The poster probably would have never of gone to Red Hook five years ago without peeing their pants. If you think Ikea is bad, you should check out the jail.

But, I'm not complaining... I was being *** and smoking a joint walking down the street. I deserved it. So did the poster for doing such a *** thing.

Remember, the poster portrays themselves as an angel, never once taking a bit of the blame.

Just being there assumes twenty five percent liability. Get a life.


This guy seems like a complete ***.Common sense should tell you that As-is is exactly what it means you buy the product asis with no intent to return.He went there acting a fool and got treated as one it's that simple.


Apparently everyone except for Brooklynite missed the point on this one.

Although I agree that buying items in "as is" condition means it's a final sale, it still doesn't give the sales associate and her incompetent manager a license to be an a-hole and make the customer wait over an hour.

For the record, it is possible to return stuff that was sold as is, the trick is being nice.


i was born/raised in nyc,am latino, and this is the truth and i dont care if u find it racist or bigoted-any chain store(applebees,red lobster,ikea,walmart,kmart,etc.)is only as good as the neighborhood it is placed in. the more GHETTO(ghetto is a state of mind as well as location) the location of a store, the more crappy the workers and lack of cleanliness of the store.they talk ***-hop,curse,talk about hoes,playing with their cells or ipods,gossip about other workers and who is screwing whos man in the hood,as if this is their stepping stone,as if their actually climbing any kind of successful ladder.

its ashame that people today prove right on the negative stereotypes on us minorities that others have on makes u understand why people hate us and consider us "filthy", disrespectful,uneducated,go ahead,white people,fill in the blanks.i prefer to goto "good" neihgborhoods and spend my hard-earned working money as im tired of the ghetto zoo that infests these places on our hoods. and remember,these days we aint judged of our color as much as before when we come out educated, calm, smart and well mannered normal folk.

if u disagree with that,consider the image and attitude u project when u walk in there and there is a well trained ethnically diverse staff. i work in healthcare for 14 years and i know the deal, cuz i can do retail with my eyes closed and can climb up that ladder with my wit,compassion for everyone,and smile...


Ok, First off just because, majority of the co-workers in the Ikea, Brooklyn store are of Hispanic and African-American race doesn't make them ghetto because, they don't react to situations the way you would like them to. Second, off your an *** for trying to return or ex-change discounted items. So before you heffas come on the web and start calling people ghetto take a good look at your self and re-evaluate the situation and do some research before making such nopsy headed decisions.


I agree to a point. If something is sold "as is" then you are basically screwed, but there isn't any reason for them to get rude and beligerent with you.

Unless you gave them a hard time first. I've been to the IKEA in Red Hook many times...its mostly ghetto people.



While I understand their as-is policy, it doesn't justify the way you were treated, and was really over the top. How embarrassing it must have been for you to be escorted out by security like a criminal.

The customer service at the IKEA store in Brooklyn is horrid. Here is their HQ phone number in case you still need it.

Because I think the more of us call them, and report about these kind of incidences the more likely change is going to happen. 610 834-0180


agreeing with sapphirerain91...

Some people just have no friggin idea, buying something already reduced in price from the as is where is section and expecting to be able to return/exchange it later ?? Duh...

If I worked there I too would laugh at this sort of ***....


I have to agree with Sapphirerain91's comment posted above. Items sold "As Is" are sold that way for a reason. When you agree to purchase an "as is" item, you should be prepared to take full responsibility of that ownership.


You can't possibly expect to return an *as is* item???? I mean,are you SERIOUS???

Because it didn't work in your *space?* If the sign was posted it doesn't matter if you didn't see it or not. Most stores do NOT refund discounted items. That would lose money.

Customers who try and cheat the companies with dumb returns do NOT keep the door open. We would rather you go OUT of them.

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