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I picked up for a customer today $2500 worth of kitch. cabs its was on a skid.

told the lady I would back up to the loading dock so that fork lift could just place it in my truck. said cant do that. you have to load it by hand, said are you kidding, she answered NOPE. so I was going through the order (i did not, or would never order) said my customer said to add some sliding trashcan holder for the cabs.

gave her the number and said add this to it, Ill pay for it here. she said nope you have to go find it upstairs, looked it up said its in stock. I said well just have it pulled. she states cant do that you have to go upstairs and get it, asked why?

dont you have it back there. she again just responded with a nope. so I said whatever. Ill just tell her you didnt have it.

so there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.when I as a contractor have to shop at Home depot and spend $2500. they go out of there way to help me out. load it for me etc. This place sucks.

and when I get back and start to put this *** together Its REALLY ***.I called later to find out about 1 cab that was missing. was on hold for 45 mins. b4 I could even tell someone what I wanted. I will never return, and will advise my customers to do same.

and get this.

it was at there Flagship store in Conshy.

(corp. HQ)

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