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My girlfriend's grandmother bought her a dresser for about $300. IKEA delivered it for an extra $50. When we opened the box, 2 of the pieces were broken. We drove to the store and returned the pieces. They replaced them. So much for the delivery! We went back to her place to assemble the dresser. Each time we put in a screw, the wood splintered. Then when we tried to put a beam into one of the sides, the holes were misaligned; they had been drilled uneven. It was apparent that if we tried to straighten the beam so that it lined up with the side, the beam would crack. So we packed up the pieces and attempted to return it. ... See More

The first clerk was very smug and rude, saying that "they will make the determination if the product is damaged," and that they would only give back the full price if THEY thought it was damaged. Otherwise, since we had attempted to assemble it, we could only get back the amount they could sell it for in the "as is" section. She did, however, say that since the dresser had been delivered in a damaged state, Autumn's grandma would not be charged for the delivery.

A manager came out, and he was even more *** and rude than the clerk. He reiterated the same ***....pretty much that they weren't going to give back the money. I couldn't believe it. I pointed to the sign that says something like "If you're not 100% satisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund, etc....." He tried to add all this extra lingo into that, attempted to double talk us, etc. I asked to speak to a manager higher than him and he lied and said that there weren't any. Then he said that they would assemble it and see if there was anything wrong.

We waited for about an hour. Then the manager came out with another, middle aged female manager. She was his superior. She, too, had an attitude. She said that they assembled the dresser and that nothing was wrong with it. She said that they could give us the full amount on a gift card OR they would refund 70% of the original price. I said "That's not right. That doesn't seem fair."

We asked them to bring it out and show us, and that we would show them where the defect was. I couldn't see how they could have put it together without that one beam splitting or cracking. Sure enough, when I bent down to examine it, it was cracked. I was like "look....this is broken. You can't try to sell something new to someone when it's broken. That's not right...." She again said something about a gift card and I said "We don't want a gift card because we never want to shop here again."

Finally, the manager lady was like, "Refund the money for the dresser, but we can't do the delivery charge." Autumn said "fine," but I was pissed. I asked them how in the world can they charge a delivery fee for an item that was delivered broken and that the consumer no longer wants. Ridiculous. The female manager gave the male manager the choice of refunding the delivery charge. He, of course, had to exercise the one tiny bit of control he has in the world and refused. What a ***.

This is not what customer service should be like at ANY store, ANY place of business. You shouldn't have to haggle and beg for money that belongs to you. It was like they were trying to exert some sort of power over us; hold us hostage. That's *** up. We are going to write a letter and get that delivery charge back. And now I'm on a crusade against this store. I'm going to lose them as many customers as possible.

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Ohhhh....I just bought a sofa from this store and it's being delivered. Now I'm worried.


why in the world would anyone buy anything of any importance from Ikea? I walked through that store and realized quickly that the only thing I'd be buying from there was a refrigerator magnet!