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As a new shopper at IKEA, I went there to purchase a bookcase for my elderly mother. The ordeal of first finding and selecting what I wanted, then figuring out where in the store I could actually get that item took more than an hour.

The package was heavy and I (a 63-year-old woman) had to load it on the cart myself, take it through self-checkout (which entailed a seemingly endless meandering through the store), and load it into the car with no help. Once I got the Billy bookcase home, the true IKEA experience became apparent. The quality (if you can call it that) of their throw-away furniture only means that you'll be throwing it away before you can actually assemble it. I spent two days trying to make that piece of garbage stable enough to hold a box of Kleenex for my mother, and never could.

I used wood glue, and tried holding it together with a bracing strap, but nothing worked. The back piece would never stay in place and the case wobbled so precariously that I didn't dare leave it in her room. I took it piece-by-piece and threw it in the dumpster outside her assisted living facility rather than return it to the store, because IKEA will only accept a return if it's packaged exactly as it was originally -- definitely not possible after spending two days trying to assemble it, glue it, and hold it together with a packing strap.

For those of you who anxiously await the opening of an IKEA store near you, I can only ask "WHY?!?" I'll never step foot in an IKEA store again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Facility.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I have noticed that most people who complain about Ikea didn't assemble their furniture properly.

Much of my house is outfitted with Ikea stuff. It looks great and it's sturdy as ***. My only complaint about Ikea is the quality of their pint glasses, but they were so inexpensive it would be silly to whine about it.

Asking for some help would have saved you a great deal of trouble. Even as a stocky 30-year old man, I would not have tried putting that stuff together alone. Once I got used to it though, it wasn't a problem. I put my new bed frame together in about two hours, and after the repeated "breakings-in" a certain lady and I have given it, I can assure you, madam, that bed is not going to fall apart any time soon.

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