Thomasville, North Carolina
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IKEA will not reimburse for damages to computers as a result of their glass desktop shattering and the computer CRASHING to the floor! So beware, if you buy a glass desktop from IKEA you are taking a chance.

Their insurance company Liberty Mutual denied my claim. Researching the internet I have found that IKEA's shattering glass desktop happens often enough for it to be an issue.

When the desk shattered my iMac crashed to the floor rendering the computer useless and damaging my hardwood floor. I had to use a screw drive to get the imbedded glass out of the floor.

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there's gotta be a max load warning somewhere on one of those things. looks like you have a 21" or 24" imac - as much as i love the look of glass, i'd never place one of those aluminum monsters on a piece of glass that looks like it's half an inch thick. looks like a combination of *** product and bad judgement on your part.