Dallas, Texas
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I will never buy anything at Ikea again. The customer service is soooo rude. I bought $185 of bedding that did not fit the bed I purchased. I just wanted to exchange it for a larger size. They refused to exchange it to take it back. There return policy says that will take unused bedding which is defined as "not opened" I am furious.

The customer service people were argumentative. I asked to speak to a manager, and I kept getting people younger and younger. There was not store manager on duty. They have lost my business forever.

Frustrated at Ikea, Frisco Tx

Monetary Loss: $185.

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Obviously Mellissa is one of the uniformed, inexperienced, self consumed (keeping their job by following their policy is more important than getting a refund, which means lack of any personal motivation to take the initiative with consumer assistance), lower level company personell or failing company policy mentality types looker16 is referring.

Take a look at the state of the economy numbscull and you'll find the results of following the theme of your responding comments.


just because they are younger than you does not mean they do not have any authority in the store. would you prefer a 45 year old who is just a cashier or someone who is younger but actually has the power to say something??

read the return policy before you shop...it really isn't that difficult.

stop blaming people for doing their job, its pathetic. you realize the people you are yelling at are just the messenger for the company?? they understand your frustration, but quite franky keeping their job by following their policy is more important than you getting a refund