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I have actually had good IKEA experiences and currently own a couch, bookcase, side table and dining room table and chairs from IKEA. All items are still in good quality, but I made sure to assemble them correctly and solidly.

There was one disappointing aspect to both of my IKEA trips. I had to return both times to pick up items that were out of stock. The first time, I bought the couch but the cover was out of stock. The second time, I got the dining room chairs, but the table was out of stock.

However, part of this was my own fault for arriving at IKEA on Sat afternoon, when Sunday was the day they received new shipments and restocked everything.

No, these items are not going to be good in 10 years, but by then I will probably want new things or might be willing to invest in high quality furniture. The paycheck just can't handle that for now.

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well, it seems that most of the comments that it have been accumulated only concern to poor online services, plus slower response to customers complaints.

i have not yet purchased a single product of ikea but my services belong to that organization which deal with ikea bedlinen, n curtain product. so out of the park, i got one king size fitted slumra bed sheet. and my organization expect me to positively reponse to her about this product after useage of some period. now it's been having a month or more being using this product in my home in my room, and i almost washout that sheet 2 to 3 times, and 'm going to make some sort of observation report regarding this slumra bed sheet....

so awaited of your prompt comments about this situation....

it is clearly defined in my sight that i haven't found out yet any irritable, eye pinching or some kinda fleshy effect that can resist my sights when i go through to this bed sheet. ( no intensely shade change, no fuzziness, minor puckering, seam slippage after wash)... what else i suppose to make comments on this. i should have told them not to give that product again, not because to make easy comments but reason is that i would have never get a chance to visit ikea store n purchase something by my own choice....


Z. Usmani



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