13 days ago I spend thousands of dollars ordering furniture online at Ikea. The order said expect 7-10 days for delivery.

13 days has now passed with no delivery and we are sat on the floor in our new home! I had an email 2 days ago saying delivery would be tomorrow I would get a call 24 hours before to give me a 4 hour slot! Well, 18.50 and no call. I have taken tomorrow of work and have no idea if my order is coming or not!

I've emailed with no response. Just called (why I am having to do the chasing is despicable) and I'm advised my order might arrive tomorrow but half will be missing as it was damaged! They can't tell me when the other half will arrive but should be by the 18th October! A MONTH after ordering it!

I was not told about damaged stock.

I have spent around £5000 in Ikea over the past 2 weeks and am furious my order is late, damaged and I still have no idea what is coming or when! A very unhappy customer.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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