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Trying to buy a NEW product - these outside hanging lamps, listed under NEW, and only appeared on the site within the month - so it was NEW. It was not available in my local store and when I called they said it was a discontinued item and the store would not be getting it.

I was referred to the 800 number, waited 14 minutes to speak with someone only to be told that I needed to call the Houston store directly because it was the ONLY store that will ship direct. I called the Houston store, only to be refered , BY RECORDING, to the website for the Houston store (ironically, the recording also said that "online shopping just got easier" - HA). So I went to the Ikea Houston website and tried to make the order - you fill out this order form and it advises you that you have to wait for a rep to CALL YOU - to get the total price and to give your credit card number. So I called the Houston store back and waited 24 minutes to reach a representative, I explained what I had been through up to that time, then she proceeded to tell me how to do THE VERY THING I JUST DESCRIBED TO HER THAT I ALREADY DID -IT'S LIKE SHE DIDN'T LISTEN TO A WORD I SAID.

So I explained to her that I JUST told her that exact thing - I did already. She said, .......oh. (swear to God). She then said to wait for a call and it won't be today, it will be tomorrow, and there will be shipping charges (understandable) and an additional 5% handling charge.

???? Then proceeded to give me an example - if you spend $100 it will be an additional $5 (SERIOUSLY??) Ok, so I called back the 800 number (waited another 15 min) got a guy on the phone that was just plain rude and kept interrupting me with - it's a discontinued item, it's a discontinued item, it's a discontinued item. It's not coming to your store. I kept saying - then why is it listed as NEW under the NEW tab and recently added to the site.


UGH!!! so it appears as if this is done on purpose so you can order the item from the ONLY STORE that sends out items and they charge outrageous shipping (35% more than it actually costs to ship it) and that additional 5% "handling fee".

Monetary Loss: $29.

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