Seriously, i'm not fat, and neither is my wife, but yesterday the legs of our 2 month old seat broke. Ikea told us it was a case of excessive strain. Not recommended !

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Lowestoft, England, United Kingdom #178065

I shop at Ikea a lot but I only recommend buying things that don't require assembly such as housewares, linens, rugs, etc. Spend a little more money and buy your furniture elsewhere!


I have furniture from IKEA that is 10+ plus years old with no problems BUT from what I have seen lately, IKEA's quality has worsened over the years and they are using poorer and poorer quality materials and low grade particle board - I am not surprised their furniture is breaking all over the place (just read reviews here and elsewhere).


I've purchased a many items from Ikea, including chairs, tables, entertainment centers, couches, etc. In fact I do most if not all my furniture shopping at Ikea!

Well I am not overweight, but several members of my family are overweight and one is very much so.

We have never had any issues with our chairs despite a lot of use and misuse (kids and animals!). I don't know what happened with your furniture but I've bought Ikea furniture for years and have never had a problem.

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