Ikea Kivik Sofas come as 2 items: Frame and Covers. Each are shown as single item lines on the picking list.

After shopping 5 hours and $1,500 later, we neglected to observe that the sofa actually has 2 boxes (frame and arm rests separately). Nobody upon check out alerted us to incomplete pick. We partly assembled sofa, then noticed missing arm rests. A call to IKEA the next day resulted in case# and pledge to have resolution within 72 hours.

In the meantime, the half-assembled sofa sits un-usuable. Nobody called since. After 73.5 hours, I dared to call IKEA again, first being reminded again that I have to wait for 3 days (which I did) and then that someone will still call me. Bull.

IKEA does not care. After transfer to customer resolution center, grumpy rep seemed lethargic and indifferent. Preferred to be pedantic rather than help. Could not understand we live 3 hours away from Tempe AZ store thus unable to just swing by store to take care of ourselves.

They also do not offer local store phone contact for faster service.

Finally, they offered to send out new arm rests but takes 5-7 days. The whole affair too much agony and lack of customer care by IKEA makes me embarrassed to shop there again.

Review about: Ikea Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $738.

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"Un-usable" without the armrest? Give me a break.


In addition to my comment below: Ikea delivered missing part today for free. Costed me 1h20m waiting on a phone at Friday.


Same situation: missing arm rests for Kivik but order was assembled and delivered by Ikea staff.

Incident was reported 3 days ago and there are still no resolution and they have no estimation on resolution day or delivery day.


Um... it sounds to me that this is more your fault than IKEAs...

you should have made sure you had all the pieces, it's not their fault that you didn't do this. However, that doesn't excuse them for not trying to resolve the problem in a more efficient manner.

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