I purchased a bunk bed from IKEA. During assembly, I noticed that two parts were defective.

The holes on these parts were not drilled all the way through, so it was an obvious manufacturing defect. I drove to the store for the second time. After waiting in line for more than half an hour, I was given two replacement parts. I went back and tried to finish the assembly, but I found out that the parts I were given were incorrect, the hole locations did not match.

I drove back to the store for the third time and asked for replacement parts with the correct hole locations. The customer service person asked for my driver's license. When I asked why they need my license (looks like they wanted to scan the info) they said this is the "policy for returns and exchanges".

When I tried to point out that this is not a discretionary return or exchange, and I am simply trying to get replacements for defective (or incorrect) parts, the response I got was "This is our policy. If you don't like it, I will have to ask you to leave the premises immediately".

I don't think asking for driver's license (and not to just look at it to confirm the identity of the customer, but to scan information from it into a database, which would probably go to a company like TRE) to replace a defective or incorrect part is acceptable policy for any store that respects the customer.

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*** people you guys are more retarded than you can't get worse, everywhere you go you need a receipt and if you don't want your name taken than carry your *** receipt!


My issues with IKEA are also customer service and quality control. I've only been to the Schaumberg, IL store twice because it's a bit of a drive for me.

I went to check out their mattresses and had an unusual experience.

No one was in the mattress area, so I walked over to the next section where they sell bed frames. Two of the mattress people were helping customers there; I signaled to each one I was waiting for someone to help me. I went back to the mattresses, and nether one came to help.

After a half hour I left the bed section and saw both associates talking to each other, without customers. They never came to help me. I went to buy my mattress at Sears and got excellent service and a great buy.

Of the several items I bought at IKEA that day TWO of them were damaged. A small piece of sauna wood furniture for my bathroom came with a large scratch straight out of the box, and a white duvet cover had black marks along one corner seam.


Yes this happened to me to at IKEA Schaumberg IL. I returned expensive items. They asked for my drivers license and proceeded to scan it in a special scanner that reads the digital strip. All kinds of personal information is stored on this strip. I told them I didn't want to be in a system, because I have a restraining order against someone, and it is extremely, extremely, difficult to protect your address and privacy nowadays. Even my credit cards have a PO box address. But my drivers license has my home address. They refused to give me my refund. On top of that the supervisor was very unfriendly, and did not apologize or at least show any understanding. They treated me as if I was crazy to request this.

I think they will use this info for marketing and research purposes, or sell my information.

Next time I will tell them my boyfriend dropped me off and I don't have a drivers license.

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