The Ikea store in Massachusetts refuses to provide electric carts for handicapped customers. They provide wheelchairs so that a person with a disability becomes dependent on someone to push them around the store.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was written so that people with disabilities are not dependent of others. Ikea's policy results in the exact opposite. I don't want anyone pushing me around.

Ikea states that electric carts are ruled out by the company because of the "high cost and liability concerns with electrical carts". Then how can others stores and supermarkets afford to provide them to there customers?

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So much for Scandinavian LLS policies. Shame on you IKEA


I was in the Ikea store last night, and was shocked that there weren't any electric scooters, only the wheelchairs..I was there by myself and of course couldn't push myself around and shop..every grocery store I go into offers scooters..and as big as IKEA is, it is ridiculously difficult to walk around the store..as much as I love the merchandise that Ikea sells, I won't be back again


We experienced the same thing with the new IKEA store in Columbus, Ohio. What a shame it is that so many potential customers are excluded because they can't navigate these bohemoth stores. I will say, they would have to redesign all of their vignettes so they were accessible and they probably don't want to do that.


Went to the brand new Ikea in Fishers, Indiana and found they don't have mobility scooters. No scooters = no $ from me.

Same for Fry Electronics. Huge mega stores are out of the question for many of us if these scooters aren't available.

I would be OK signing a liability waiver and/or even paying a REASONABLE rental fee. But no scooters means I cannot shop these stores.


Greed, that is why IKEA does not offer mobility for disabled!


Want be visiting the new store here in Jacksonville, I here there’s no mobile carts for people with disabilities... I would love to walk the store but do to my disability I I’m unable to vist so I want be spending my money with you ... NO MORE IF MY MONEY !


I agree. I can't shop at Ikea because they dont have electric carts.

It is outrageous condidering what a huge dtore they have. This really sucks.


This is appalling IKEA,get scooters cheap scates!!!!


Actually, the ADA act forces companies to make sure a wheelchair has access to a building, bathrooms etc. It assumes that if you are disabled your doctor and insurance have made sure you have the required mobility devices provided to you for 24/7 personal use, thus no store should have to take on the financial burden of providing anymmobility device to you.

Stores have chosen to do so to make it easier for customers to shop. If your doctor doesn't feel you need a mobility device like this then they probably think you need to be walking more and you should give it a shot instead of being demanding and acting entitled to things you are not entitled to.

to Anonymous #1389486

Mobility devices require home to have proper door openings or insurance will not pay. Car lifts cost approx $1200.

to Anonymous #1434143

That's really snarky.!!!

You must not be disabled. Lucky you.

to Anonymous #1466665

I love how you talk so badly and refuse to put your name here. You make it sound like people chose to be disabled.

It's people like you that make people with disabilities feel worse about themselves. I hope Karma gets you so you can feel these people's pain.


I love Ikea so much


According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, stores must be handicap accessible, through things like reserved parking spaces, wheelchair passenger loading zones, and handicap accessible entries,

but it says nothing about supplying wheelchairs.

Youngstown, Ohio, United States #1097057

I cant believe this store is not offering scooter chairs. their are many people with bad knees and cant walk far and want to visit your store.

me included. get with the problem. its 2016 and every store that draws large crowds should have electric chairs.

they can afford it. I hear many people shop there.

to Anonymous Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States #1111427

Get your own.


They'll never get a penny out of me, then. I don't go in a store if they don't provide electric carts.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1045159

Yes it is expensive to provide these carts, but handicapped people shop too and if a care provider is needed, it gives them more time to shop for what they want. Every massive store should have those carts.

In my opinion, it should be mandatory.


I used to judge people in those electric scooters who looked like they could walk. But after I had an accident and broke my pelvis, where you can't bear weight, I found those carts allowed me to shop without unduly relaying on others.

I have used those carts everywhere, Home Depot, Trader Joes, every grocery store.

Esp. with the way Ikea is set up, I'm very surprised they are so backward in their policy.

Tampa, Florida, United States #623623

Hey everyone! People abuse electric carts. Cappy because you're fat? Get over it. Non-electric carts make you dependent? Not unless you have no use of your arms. If they do? Who cares! They're still giving you one. Not everything is someone else's problem. Wheelchairs were once upon a time the norm (not powered). Sorry you have to propel yourself.



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