When I called IKEA about 2 items which I mentioned above, they registered the case,gave me the reference number: ,they said that they were going to call me in 48 hours. In the case,you will clearly see that I told them i will wait for the item, since I already paid for the delivery,assembly and I bought the matresses as well for that bed.

I also informed them I got international phone number,if there was a problem reaching me and they said that no,they would defintely reach me and would inform me about the cases. they didn't call me. When I called IKEA yesterday, first they couldn't find my case number. then,they found it from my name and forwarded to someone else,and the same process has been done again.

I waited 45 min to reach someone who could talk tome. the guy told me I have 2 case numbers, one of them has been closed because they refund my money back I told him I didn't ask for refund ,I claimed that I will wait for the item.

He said that they tried to reach me and when they didn't reach me they just made refund. I told him I have 2 items on the case how they closed one without informing me.He wasn't helping me at all.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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