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I recently went to the closest ikea store 40 miles away. I needed to buy a few items to finish a kitchen remodeling job.

While I was there I tried to return an item that was bought online. They would not accept the return because it was purchased online and there way nothing they could do. Any other store would have no problem with a return. I stormed out of the store so they could not take any more of my money.

When I did I was attacked by they loss prevention manager.

The stores are more communist now than they ever were. Lawsuit pending!

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Barra De Carrasco, Canelones, Uruguay #198566
:cry mmmm
because these people are posting comments on the web, out of rage.. because they're *** babies.

I love how the guy admits that he "stormed out" of the store.

How old are these idiots? :cry

Do not shop at IKEA! Boycott IKEA!

IKEA is not a good place to work or shop! The store in Houston, TX is a good example of a toxic work environment! The coworkers are bullied and treated like slaves. The Recovery/As-Is manager is a liar and a bully!

Defective returned products are sent back to stock! Items that are on Quality that should be trashed are sold in As-Is. It's all about the money! The poor customer service at IKEA is because IKEA has a bully culture!

Who can or cares to do a good job when they are bullied? The turnover is very high because people do not like to be treated like slaves! I have seen customers bullied and intimidated especially by the Recovery Manager! Boycott IKEA!

It is *** to work at IKEA Houston! If you don't like to be bullied or don't like coworkers to be bullied do not shop at IKEA! Report IKEA to the BBB, Attorney General, News Media, and or a Consumer Group! They are afraid of unions, lawsuits, and bad publicity!

Poor customer service happens in a bully culture!

Don't expect to see happy smiling faces or to get help! Bullies are in control!


If you feel the stores of Ikea are of a communist sort, why does the head line emphasize Nazism and not communism?

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