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Malm dresser recalls because kids dying pulling over dressers. I had 3 pieces that were suppose to be picked up ( I live 4 hours from ATL IKEA).

Spent time on phone getting case number, details and what my refund would be and when I would receive it. The next week on a Tuesday, took off from work and waited ALL day. No pickup no call no nothing. I called in at 5:00pm, "are you still coming"?

I was told, "you're not on the schedule for a pickup". Long story short-2 more no shows, and liars are all that I have dealt with on the phone. Many case numbers that I think are made up on the spot. This went on for 3 weeks.

Out of the blue, A MONTH later I get a call for a pickup from some guy that said he worked for IKEA. I told them forget it. I don't trust them and the people that work for them and doubted I would EVER receive a refund. The only way to get any money is if a dresser falls over and kills your child then you get a lawyer and sue.

Also- I will get my kitchen cabinets elsewhere. Saw what my sister in law went thru spending $20,000 redoing her kitchen with them. IKEA is good for those 89 cent dish towels. That's it.

(P.S. I went out on a limb and bought Salmon lasagna out of their market and it smelled like sewer when cooked. My dog would not eat it.

I called number on the box and they wanted me to drive 4 hours to IKEA (8 hour round trip) return for $10 refund. I disputed on CC and was refunded that way).

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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