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Do not make the same mistake that I made by purchasing this junk from IKEA (which I think is Swedish for uncomfortable), cost about a grand with delivery. The slatted base with that beam down the middle flexes in such a way that it puts pressure on the mid section of the body causing you to wake up with sore hips.

The mattress is extremely hard and I have been unable to completely relax and get a decent night’s sleep on it. This combination feels like a worn out spring mattress, which is what this bed just replaced. The staff at IKEA seemed to know little or nothing about the product they are selling and were not helpful at all (I think I get it now, the sales person just stared at me as if to communicate “you’re *** for buying this”). I bought this combination after seeing it displayed at the store.

I did lay on it but the real test is sleeping on it. I spent more money purchasing a memory foam topper, now I’m into this fiasco for about $1100 and still sleep better on my couch. It’s a little better but the flexing issue still causes pain on the hips, by the way I’m a 5’10”, 155lb. male, pretty average.

After trial and error I found a couple of books from my book case that limit the flex of the base to the point that it feels like cheap motel mattress. It suffices to say that next week I’ll be testing out the return policy at IKEA.

I’m not sure if their delivery service picks up, so I may have to rent a truck take it all back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Delivery Service.

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correct me if i'm wrong, but you are the one who chose to buy a bed frame made from compacted wood...i mean honestly

how long did you expect it to last?

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