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I have never been so insulted or indignified in my life than when the Costa Mesa ikea would not accept the drapes purchased without the grey cover slip of paper. Three ikea employees including a return worker named Hedda and store manager named Erin, disrespected and chuckled while my fiancé dug through the garbage looking for the sheet of paper.

They stated how policy is policy and continued to say how the drapes were considered bedding and they shouldn't be taking them back at all, which is the exact opposite of what was said when purchased. The attendant was specifically asked if the drapes were returnable when purchased, she said yes and all that was needed was the plastic bag and merchandise. I explained to Erin how I understood policy is policy, but being understanding is human.

Needless to say, I explained how I had shopped at ikea since my days in college, but never would again..... Their incredible lack of care shocked me.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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