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Ivar System

I went to IKEA to buy this system. First, they were out of stock on the uprights for this system. But we went ahead and bought the shelves since I was afraid by the time the uprights came in that they would not have the shelves. I went to the customer service desk to find out how long it would take to get these back in stock. I lady told me they should be in by the next weekend. I live forty-five minutes away so I checked online before driving the distance. Not in stock. Three weeks later it still says not in stock. So I call. After waiting twenty minutes to get someone to answer the phone (this was on a monday) I told the lady I wanted to speak to a manager. Ten minutes later I get a manager on the phone.

I explain my issue and want to know if there was a production problem or if it was a product that they are discontinuing (like the color Beech, I have throughout my house). She explained it was a production problem but it looks like other IKEA's in the area have them and would I mind driving to one of those stores (260 to Canton, MI or 265 to Pittsburgh, PA). Gee, did I have the time for that? No!

Then she suggested that I buy them online and that she would pay for the shipping (roughly 22.00 dollars). Okay, fine. How long? Three more weeks. She asked if I minded to be put on hold and she would pass me off to a service rep that would handle the rest of the transaction. No, I don't mind. And then, I get hung up on. I realize that it was an accident but it didn't make it any less frustrating as I looked at the clock and realized I had been on the phone for almost an hour.

So, on my own, I decide to order them online since I don't want to call the store and wait that long again and tell my story to another person. We finally get them (early too, I was happy) until.... No hardware was included! I told my husband if I ever want to buy another piece of IKEA *** to slap me!

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