I booked a session with the kitchen design people in the Ikea shop in Athens. Alas, I was quite dejected by their ineptitude and their reluctant endeavors to accommodate us.

It took them more than 2 hours to design a kitchen for my sister's maisonette. The Ikea assistant was only slightly acquainted with the particulars of 3d-design. The end result was also unacceptable- a dysfunctional kitchen island and 'floating in space' pieces. My kitchen was designed fairly quickly by another assistant but they failed to issue me with a detailed document listing prices per piece, etc.

I really relish all popular Scandinavian and Nordic style furnishings offered at such reasonable prices by Ikea; however I dare say that sloppy customer service can ruin all things beautiful and modern.

Unhappy customer:( Ikea Athens airport, Greece.

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