Chicago, Illinois

I purchased items from the Schaumburg store on 7/31/2013. I used your picking service, delivery and setup service. An additional fee of $40, $59, $249.

1. When I placed the order with your floor sales representative, I gave him my list which included a bed frame for a full size bed, including the price on it ! When the price on the order changed by $20.00 I did ask him to check on the price difference - his response "the price on the item has changed" not that he had placed an order for Queen Bed Frame as opposed to Full size bed frame.

2. When I wen to pay for my items - I asked to cashier to ring up my items for two separate orders and he did not listen. (items I purchased) and the order for delivery and furniture setup. He rung it up all on one order. Then indicated he could not correct and I would have to go to returns and exchanges.

3 I had to go back to returns and exchanges in order to correct this error and wait in line. Finally I had to have someone correct this error - it took 20 minutes to fix this problem.

4. When I placed the order for home delivery, I got a date that is 2 weeks out but when I spoke to your customer service about this process via phone they failed to tell me that I could place and order 24 hours before for delivery the next day.

4. I have called customer service on 8/1/2013 and spend over 25 minutes and talked to several departments to resolve this situation and correct my order.

5. Now I am told that I have drive to the store a 70 mile round trip to correct the order that was placed by your customer service in your store because that is the only way that the store can correct their mistake.

in short my customer experience sucks and shopping at Ikea has been a major inconvenience and horrible experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Cashier.

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