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1. Checked stock on Ikea products (said they had 163 pieces in stock) 2.Drove over an hour to get there, (we live in remote area, they don't ship those items) 3.

Ikea had NONE in stock 4. Bought similar product, using husband's AMEX card. 5. Didn't look right.

6. Took day off to drive back items and get refund. THEY WOULD NOT HONOR MY AMEX CARD. (Same account) 7.They wanted to give me a GIFT card to store!

Say What!??? Why do they even THINK I would WANT to come back to a store that has a Customer DIS-Service Department. It never fails with Ikea, they always make you unwelcome if you attempt to return anything!

I am done with Ikea. Consider it before you buy

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In order to protect their customers from credit card fraud, AMEX doesn't issue the same credit card number to separate people, even if they are on the same account. These "non-transferable" cards are to help fight identity thefts!

Legally in the United States, retailers are not allowed to credit a card which has different numbers printed on it. The numbers on the receipt have to match the numbers on the card, whether your husband and you share the same account or not.

Don't thank IKEA for this inconvenience, thank AMEX. They're the ones madating this, and it's for your own protection!

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