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Customers please beware of IKEA's cleverly written & deceptive return policy!!

While browsing their store, you will notice an abundance of signs stating "It's ok to change your mind", and "If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused item in its original packaging within 90 days".

Please know that if you remove any IKEA item from the original package what-so-ever, the item will be considered "used" & non-refundable. Case in point: We attempted to return a brand new coffee table. There was nothing wrong with this table; we just simply decided it wasn't quite what we wanted. I called the store to inquire whether or not I needed to disassemble the table & repackage it before returning it. I was told, "We prefer you do not attempt to repackage the item to avoid damaging it, and we will need to inspect the item before refunding you". This seemed legitimate & fair. After arriving at IKEA's returns/exchanges department, we were told "Because this item was initially removed from the packaging, this item was considered 'used' & was non-refundable." Please note that I had my original receipt, all original packaging, and was well within the 90 day return policy limit.

Further, we noticed a set of bath towels we purchased from IKEA became splotchy & quickly lost their color (bad dye perhaps?) immediately after use & their subsequent air drying. We attempted to return these (same trip as above to the Centennial location in Denver, CO) and we were told we could not return the items due to their condition. I reasserted that their condition was precisely why I was returning the item, and that I would also be content with an exchange. Again, the IKEA associate insisted she couldn't exchange or refund the items due to their condition. She also made the most curious statement: "I've never had anyone return bath towels for this issue." followed by: "Some of the people who have tried to return splotchy towels simply decided to give them away as gifts, and that perhaps you should consider doing the same."!? Moving up the ladder, we contacted the supervisor, and while initially polite he quickly became condescending & continued to apologize for my inability to understand their "˜simple' return policy.

Just know, once IKEA has your $$, there's little chance of getting it back, period. You may get offered store credit if lucky, and assuming you'll be willing to return. IKEA's inability to resolve a relatively simple issue, simply left me leaving the store exceptionally irritated and with the conviction of never returning. What's worse? I entered the store with the intent of returning these several items, and purchasing several other items of roughly equivalent value. IKEA's refusal to refund $148 (I spent over $830 on my initial purchase) will cost them hundreds more of my money, and I will now encourage friends & family to avoid IKEA for their home furnishing needs.

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I tried to return a large rug to an IKEA in Cincinnati a few years ago. They would not take it back.

I think IKEA should tell you items are NOT returnable. The customer needs to know that upfront. I would NEVER purchase a rug somewhere I could not return it.

Needless to say, I have not been back. But I don;t think they are missing my business.

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