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In November 2007 i approached Ikea about getting a kitchen done and they gave me a phone number to book it in. A guy came out, which I found out that day that it was a contracted ccompany Ikea uses but its not Ikea, a company called AUSSEMBLE'.

They took my money for the measure and quote and never gave me the plan that I paid for. After 100s of phone calls to Aussemble and Ikea no one has helped me, Ikea wash their hands and said it has nothing to do with them and Aussemble want me to let the send another guy out for another measure and quote. DO NOT LET ANYONE FROM THIS COMPANY IN, THE MAN THEY SAID WAS VERY AGGRESSIVE AND ABUSIVE, I threatened to call the police if he didnt leave, I was at home alone with a new born. I dont think this company does police checks on their staff.

Anyway Ikea sent a lovely letter saying they believe the issue has been resolve! Don't know where they got this information from! And enclosed two meal vouchers to eat there. ARE THEY ***** KIDDING?

I tried to calling them saying it wasnt resolved but they fail to call back. I went through Fair Trading and they wouldnt cooperate with Fair Trading so at the present moment I have lodged a tribunal hearing and awaiting for a court date.

I would never ever step foot inside Ikea again, I have already told loads of people at work and posted it on the work notice board, in a hospital with over 1000+ working there about what happened.

Monetary Loss: $231.

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I am very disappointed at Install2u which is the IKEA assembly service in Melbourne. Two men came to install posts from ceiling to floor, but they didn't bring a ladder or stool with them and asked me if they can stand on my dinning chair?

before they start, I asked them if they need any rug or soft material to cover the tiled concert floor, they said NO. Then in the process of installing, the rail between the post fell off, hit the white wooden shelf underneath and also our balcony metal frame, leaving a dent of 5c-coin-size on the frame. The painted chipped off in the dent, i can see metal. Later I found there were actually small areas of damage caused by the felling rail to the shelf and a parts on the side of the shelf.

They said install2u will resolve the issue. Person from Install2u called me and said he does not believe what happened and he said "it is impossible for a rail to cause dent on the balcony frame, you cannot argue about physics!" Then hung up on me. It was very frustrating that every time I tried to tell him what happened, he was talking and won't listen to me. What he said in the last phone call really *** my off.

I'll take further action on this! :(


PS: The rail fell off because one man didn't hold it in place and lost grab of one end of rail.


Only reputable companies conduct plan reviews before undertaking works, or site details before creating a planning file. It is only fair that you be charged for it as the sheer volume of Ikea customers that would book a plan review with no intention to buy and/or install would be overwhelming for any company and would only lead to an increase in the price for installations to recoup the substantial losses.

The issue with installing kitchens is that a lot of customers that purchase from Ikea expect the install to cost as much as the cabinets. It is a shame that everyone that falls into this category are so ignorant of the amount of work that is required to fit a kitchen CORRECTLY AND TO A STANDARD DEEMED SATISFACTORY BY IKEA THEN OFFER A GURANTEE ON THE WORKS. My advice to everyone that finds themselves in this position is YOU ONLY HAVE YOUR SELF TO BLAME IF YOU ARE THIS ***.

Plumbing, electrics, flooring, demolition, cabinet maker/joiner and possible stonemason are not a flaming charity or a reality tv show that will install your kithen for free.

Ikea customers are an absolute nightmare to deal with as they have only paid $1500-$3000 for the cabinets and other *** but expect all the afore mentioned trades to complete the job for less than that. Companies like Aussemble and now Install2u spend an absolute fortune to service contracts like Ikea that are a huge drain on resources and face constant pressure from Ikeato absorb a lot of project costs caused by the confusion of moronic customers that can't understand, nor follow, basic instructions but can yell and scream and phone the office of fair trade in regards to a situationcaused by their own hand.

To everyone that claims thesecompanies are greedy think about this. There is very little profit margin after you pay trades, overheads, insurances, taxes, office staff and any necessary referal fees.


Well, then don't work for install2u or aussemble.

I understand that it is not much money in hand for two men coming in to do an 1-hour installation job at $150, providing they have a boss on top of them, and their boss is contracted to Install2u or Aussemble which contracts to IKEA. Too many agents get involved before the men start the job.

The reason I am unhappy about the service is that they have not shown professionalism during the job, and they are dishonest about the damages they caused to my house. They tried to kick the ball to one another and avoid their responsibility.

I won't use their service again, instead I'll contact a qualified tradesperson directly next time, he also gets paid better by not having all these "agents" to take away the fees from him.



Do not use Aussemble. They are serially rude, fail to deliver and I have been waiting for 2 weeks for a plan that was supposed to be delivered 2 weeks ago. Calls go unanswered and it is driving me barmy.


I work with aussemble on a regular basis. They do police checks on every employee, sub contractor and the staff of every sub contractor.

Anyone that is accociated with them is police checked.

Perhaps you just pushed the contractors buttons in an unacceptabe manner. You do have the right to ask for another contractor, however if you are being unreasonable they have the right to refuse service.


Jesus Blossomgirl what a sniveling whinger you are. Grow up you ***, you are a serial complainer.

Probably a civil servant with too much time on your hands or a fat assed housewife with nothing better to do. No wonder nobody returns your calls.

Those poor workers that had to listen to you were unable to tell you to *** off in case they got fired. If you ever deal with my business I will happily tell you to take your business elsewhere and take great pleasure watching you being escorted off the premises.


Reputed DIY furniture retailers like IKEA should be careful,when associating with Aussemble, a flat pack furniture installation company, who are quick to take your money; for delayed and over priced services.

When I called Aussemble, to have my IKEA kitchen installed, the sales consultant charged me a hefty $230, for a quote; which was described as ‘compulsory’.

I felt that it was overpriced, considering most companies quote free of charge, these days.

“We need to send someone to your property to do the measurements, in order to verify your IKEA Home Planner design, as it is required by regulations”, said the Aussemble sales consultant, who answered the call.

IKEA home planner is free application software that can be downloaded from the IKEA websites, for DIY-interior designing.

The sales consultant told me that Aussemble will send a contractor, for measuring and quoting, within seven days.

After seven days, I called Aussemble to inquire about the service I did not receive.

“We will remind the tradesman about it. Sorry for the inconvenience,” said the sales consultant.

By this time, the new IKEA kitchen cabinets were taking up a lot of the living space, and they were an inconvenience to me and my family.

After waiting for a few more days, I called Aussemble again to inquire.

“Sorry about that. I will make sure that he (tradesman) calls you before the end of the day,” said the sales consultant.

When I didn’t receive the call as promised, my wife took matters to her own hands, and called Aussemble.

Third time lucky, I received an acknowledgement call from the assigned contractor, and he promised to call that evening, to follow up with a date and a time, once he has checked his schedule.

When he didn’t call as promised, I rang him up the next day, and he mumbled on for a few minutes about some personal situation, which kept him from calling the previous day, and promised to attend that the evening.

When he did not, I called him the next day, and he finally arrived to take the measurements, and said that he will call me with a quote, over the coming weekend.

By this time, I’ve had the kitchen cabinets for over three weeks, sitting in my lounge room.

Some of the cabinets didn’t look as new as they did, when I assembled them, since my toddler son has scribbled over them with a pen.

When I didn’t receive a call from him over the weekend, I called him the following week, asking for a quote; and again, he mumbled on about some personal circumstances which kept him from calling over the weekend, and promised to call me the next day with the quote.

After waiting for two more days, I called him again, and this time, he quoted me a figure of $1750 for the job.

Since the kitchen cabinets only cost me about that much, and the Aussemble website cost estimator gave me a figure that was less than half as much as his quote, I asked him to explain the figure.

He assured me that he calculated the figure using the $90 per assembled cabinet price quoted in the Aussemble website, and the charges include the cost for demolishing the existing kitchen cabinets and modifications.

When I told him that I can demolish the old cabinets, he took $250 off the price.

Furthermore, he added that he could not start work any time soon, and that I may have to wait for two more weeks.

I decided to forgo the amount I paid to Aussemble for measuring and quoting, and hire an independent carpenter.

The plumber I hired, for the kitchen waterworks, demolished the old kitchen free of charge, and it only took him 20 minutes.

The carpenter I hired, showed up on time, and did a magnificent job with the kitchen; and above all, charged me $450 for 12 hours of work.

Aussemble clearly showed a lack of commitment towards me, their customer; and I will not be using their services in the future, nor will I recommend them to my acquaintances.


sounds to me like a gripe board for those with little or no understanding of anything.

Aussemble and Ikea are both highly reputable companies who have to cope with numbskulls such as some of those who wrote the comments here.

There is just no way to please everybody especially when some have no understanding of the service on offer and seem unwilling or unable to read what they have signed up for !!

These are the folk that ALL businesses wish they never have any contact with.

Usually there is a deeper underlying unhappiness within their lives and venting frustrations in any direction they can find is their only outlet..

Sad for them really, but then the other 99% of happy customers do make the 1% of whinging tossers look ***.

Ah freedom of speech.... 8)


who will screw by their contractor.


don't do it. it looks a good price. no body wants to install the IKEA Kitchen, you have to do it by Aussemblen and they charge you a lot.


IKEA gets back some money from them, thats why they have monopoly with IKEA. :(


IKEA gets back some money from them, thats why they have monopoly with IKEA.


do not deal with them. it is worst *** company.


Ikea is the company which introduce the Aussemble for installation of kitchen. The Aussemble is money hungry company which comes to your home and charge you $231 for going over your plan and then you have to go after them to get something back from them.

I called many kitchen installer and they told me they won't doing any thing with IKEA kitchen because they are so many issues with IKEA kitchen. The person who came to my house was not acting professional and his breath was like *** so what ever he said I said yes from the corner of room just to get rid of him.


It sounds like EVERYTHING was going wrong with you... You must be one of those customers where everything just goes wrong. IKEA strive on "do it yourself" thats why their cheap and good quality because they dont save money on floor staff.

Like you said AUSSEMBLE is a contracted company, IKEA have nohing to do with them so why would you blame IKEA... DUH..

Aussemble do a measure and quote. Measure meaning they measure your kitchen and make sure the plan you made yourself all fits plumbing/elec etc etc etc then quotes you on it that day. Then you ring back if your happy with the quote...

Its not hard...

so i guess what your angry about is that you kicked the guy out your house because you didnt like him haha.

Now, because you kicked him out he never finished the quote so thats probably why no one knows who you are in the system....

You sound like a negative person chill out a little. Those companies didnt get as big as they are by ripping people off.


well played sir.. its true some people just look straight at the company for complaints when in fact it was the contractor that they had the problem with.


no more IKEA. their lamp fixture are the worst.


:roll I have decided not to buy from Ikea after reading yours and many other reviews. I am finding out that reading reviews of places I haven't been is worth my time to avoid bad companys/management.

I've had my own nightmare experiences and am glad to know what kind of company this is before I give them any money. Good luck in future shopping, sorry you had such a horrible experience!

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