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I tried to return a light which I had a receipt and all packaging for and was told no. Then I asked for a manager and Kate Murphy the returns manager said she was the manager and their was no one else above her.

Kate Murphy was lying to me in an effort to blow me off so I could not get my refund. What I now found out is a systematic method of refusing to refund customers money and send customers packing without their refunds, Ikea Usa doesn't care if you never come back again. They will not refund your money for any reason no matter what.

This is the only major department store I have ever dealt with in the USA that will not refund with a sales receipt and they will go through extreme measureas not to refund anything to a customer..

Monetary Loss: $49.

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I was treated badly at Philadelphia ikea, because irefused to allow them to copy my personal information into their database.

The rule states that you should present a photo ID and i presented Govement photo ID with no address and date of birth and the refused saying that the ID has to be a drivers license.

Which I made a lot of noise until they accepted the ID I had presented.

Ikea return desk employee are rude and discriminates a lot.


what a load of *** !! IKEA is amazing



S U C K S !

The designs are ok, but the quality is awful.

Customer service is more than awful!!!

I had to go back to the store three times to replace a piece under waranty, was told that will be contacted by phone to let us know when the piece would be in stock, a month went by and no call whatsoever. noone is answering to the phone extension that was given to us. left voicemails and they never returned our call either!


Bought a couple coffee tables from Ikea online. All three had glass tabletops.

One came completely shattered. Called customer service and they sent me a full replacement no questions asked!

I even offered to send the rest of the table that came with the broken glass back, but customer service said keep it. I then got the replacement coffee table about a week later.


Add me to the list. Ikea in Carson, CA wouldn't take back a bedframe they claim I put together, even though I didn't.

Some fat *** was clowning me in front of everyone. It's a good thing I controlled my temper.

Bascially, IKEA is the Walmart of the furniture world; cheap products with low class "employees". I'll sale the bedframe on craigslist, but a word to you all...don't shop at IKEA in Carson.


Bought an umbrella for outside, it broke after a dozen uses. The string just snapped.

I took good care of it, I planned on having it for years. Its 2 weeks over warranty and Ikea wont accept a return or repair it. They said "you had 90 days to make sure it works", you can still smell how new the umbrella is! Its in great shape.

Now I'm out $130. Thanks Ikea, dont shop there anymore.


Today after spending quite a while assembling a large bookcase and desk combo, I was down to the last 2 pieces when the wooden peg holding a shelf snapped in two. The whole thing crumbled to the ground in a noisy domino effect.

Now since I cant get the broken off pegs out of the shelves I have to trash the whole bookshelf. Apparently IKEA wont be refunding or replacing the furniture I bought from them according to my receipt. I am extremely angry over this. I am out of work and I saved up for this much needed piece of furniture.

I am no rookie at assembling their furniture as I've bought and assembled myself over 5 large items in the past and have NEVER had this happen. I guess I've learned my lesson. I was going to purchase a mattress and bed from them but doubt if they dont help me out that I will be doing any more shopping at IKEA.

More like Customer NO Service at IKEA. Buyer beware!


I had a problem with a delivery order being cancelled twice (By them...for no reason) When I called to find out where the merchandise was, I was told to call what ended up being a non existant person at a non existant extension.....


Why aren't you guys writing this IKEA's HQ since it is they who have to fix the problem. Don't *** just to do it, be more proactive.


That is no way to do customers. If something is defective.

How do expect customers to come back.

I was thinking of buying a desk from then. No they can forget that


Thanks to your comments. I was just planning to buy 3 BR and a living room set from IKEA.

And now no way....


thank you to all.... bye bye IKEA


I just had the same bad experience today at IKEA Carson, Los Angeles. The store manager lied to me and was very rude.

I wanted to return a just bought flawed furnature in box for refund, but was blunted refused. IKEA should put a "NO RETURN or REFUND" sign at the entrance to alert consumers not buying anything!

Customer satisfaction form IKEA? What a lie!


I had same experience regarding return policy just recently.

I lived in the san francisco bay area and the two stores in this area used to take things back even if they are open boxes or assembled, except beddings. I only found out that's no longer the cases when I was trying to return a chair I bought.

I was told that they no longer take any assembled/used items back. Period. However, there was no sign anywhere in the store about this change of return policy and certainly the cashier didn't say anything when I purchased the chair. In other words I purchased the chair without being informed that I can't return it once it's assembled. Now, we all know over 90% of products sold at Ikea needs to be assembled so in essence the store now has a return policy of no returns. Without informing customers about this change is a deceptive business practice.

Of course, in attempt to justify their behavior, the staff there (I talked to four, including the customer service manager) pointed to the return policy printed in the back of the receipt and say you should have read before you open the boxes. Yes, great customer service, just go home and read, eh?! And really, how many of normal people read the back of their receipts every time when they buy something?

My point is if you change the way you practice your business regarding returns you need to fairly inform your customers so they can make an informed purchase decision. You need to at least post some signs at casher registers so people can see.

Also the return policy is written in such legally loophole way that I started to think it's not the staff, it's the Ikea corporate culture and business attitude that points to zero customer service. The policy reads, "If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused item in its original packging within 90 days... " Now, anyone with any intelligence will respond, "well, how do I know whether or not I will be completely satisfied with a product without using it?" Dud! Again, since over 90% of Ikea's product needs to be assembled before they can be used, why don't Ikea just say "there is no return after purchase, period!" Because that's what they are doing.

It's really a shame because I was looking at getting another chair on their floor that's actully $100 more than the one I tried to return. Now I am sure getting nothing from them and will tell people BEWARE before you buy anything from Ikea!



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