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I purchased some lights at Ikea USA for about $50.00. I took care to save the receipt and the original package and all the contents. About 10 days after I purchased the light I attempted to return it at the Sunrise Florida store. I was told by the girl at the return counter that I could not return it because I had opened the package.

Immediately I asked to speak to a manager and Kate Murphy the return counter manager came out to talk with me. I told her the item was not for the purpose I had intended and she said that Ikea's return policy says that they only take back unused merchandise. I told her it was indeed unused and that I had merely opened the package. Kate Murphy was so rude about the whole thing it was unbelievable, I had never been treated so badly by a department store in my life. In fact every department store in the USA that I had ever returned something with a receipt I had absolutly no problems. These USA retailers have what is called a no hassle return policy,something IKEA USA knows nothing about.

I continued to argue my point to no avail with Kate Murphy until I began asking for the store manager. When I asked Kate for the manager she told me that she was the manager and there was no one else above her. The first in a series of lies that Ikea USA was about to perpetrate against me. This was starting to become a very negative experience for me and I was not getting anywhere with Kate Murphy so I left the store and fugured I would call the store and try to speak with the real manager.

On my way home from the store I called and got ahold of the real store manager Peter. Peter the real manager was indeed at the store on 7/6/08 at 5:30 pm and Kate Murphy was lying to me in an attempt to blow me off. Peter told me that I should have no problem returning the light and apologized for the problems I had then he forwarded me to the customer serivce liason Abbey.

Abbey never returned my calls and I finally got in touch with another customer service flunky named Jackie. I explained to Jackie that I had a light that was opened and unused and I needed to return it. Jackie told me that it was no problem just bring the light in and they would take it back. I sent my wife in with the light and the receipt on 7/13/08 and my wife started to receive the same rude blow off treatment from the Ikea USA employees that I had received a week earlier.

They told her the same line of *** about their return policy. They treated her exactly as bad as they had treated me and she was livid about the whole thing. We had the receipt and the item was not used. Kate Murphy and Jackie were laughing in my wifes face as they were refusing to take the light back.

My wife called me on the cell and I asked her to put Jackie on the phone and Jackie got on the phone and told me that she never said she would take it back, she said that I told her I had furniture to return and that now that she knows that it is a light she can not authorize it. I explained to Jackie that we spoke earlier on the phone and she said it was ok to return the item and now after I had drove 30 miles she was going to flip the script. I asked her for the store manager.

Now I am feeling the same as I had the week before. Being treated like *** by a department store, Treated worse then I had ever been treated before. Lied to again and again by one store manager and another manager..

The point of this story is the extent to which IKEA USA will go to deny taking back and refunding a legitamately purchaed and receipted item. The point is that their return policy is one of incredible hassles. They will make your life miserable should you try to return something you bought by mistake,

No other major Department store in the USA treats customers like this should they need to return something. Here in the USA we have whats called good customer service and IKEA has no clue what that means.

IKEA USA does not care if you have a reciept or if you never used an item they wont take it back no matter what.

IKEA will not refund your money on anything. No matter what!!! No matter what they say!!!

If you dont want to have the same horrible experiance don't shop at IKEA USA. You will be sorry!!!!

Monetary Loss: $50.


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The Sunrise Ikea store is absolutely terrible. I've been trying to return my defective couch for over a month - I recently moved from Pittsburgh and they are nothing but helpful at the Ikea store located there. The employees at this store are horrid.


I work at Ikea and I have never heard of that ridiculous return policy in my life.At my store we take back things that look like complete garbage and still give people their money.

This is ridiculous and I'm sorry you had to go through that.They need to re-read the return policy.


I had same experience, received a broken tv stand out of box, argue md with IKEA simply didn't help a penny, so I called my credit card company, and less than 10 minutes chargeback approved.

Renton, Washington, United States #1224227

That's actually really sad. Thanks for sharing. I'll never purchase anything from Ikea


That's messed up about your dioder lights not being refunded.Ikea worked through that *** policy quick.

Nowadays you can bring back basically anything excluding appliances, with ur receipt and get a refund within 90days of buying it.

If you don't have a receipt and the item has never been opened or discontinued, you can get a store credit.

But if you DONT have a receipt and the item is opened you may get a store credit for half it's value.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #656119

I bought an Ikea sofa and tv stand.The plywood on the tv tand was broken and the color of the sofa we ordered was of a different color.

We returned the items and we never got refunded. They said that they have deposited the money back to our account but they never did.

Every person I know in my social circle and at work, I always retell this story because I dont want them to be victims of Ikea.

to henderson Yucaipa, California, United States #965086

If you pay by cash, law says that the retailer such as Ikea, has to pay back in cash.The returns desk ikea associates are trained to give options other than cash back.

Don't fall for it.Get the cash in your hand, and feel good for doing the right thing.


I am a pissed IKEA consumer as well.

Instead of complain here, is there anything we can do to stop them from bullying their cumtomers? Any good attorney for class action!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #183323

I bought a white leather sectional and ottoman from Ikea.When I received it, the ottoman foot was broken and hanging off with the insides of the ottoman hanging out.

The sectional itself rocked back and forth, no matter how I shifted the legs around. The customer service was horrible and difficult to reach. When I did finally talk to the guy in charge, he kept repeating, that's a $1500 piece of furniture. To which, I replied, "Yeah, I paid for it, I should know." He asked for pictures by email, I sent them.

Then, he said he wanted to come to my apartment and SEE WHAT HE COULD DO! Then he missed the appointment. That's when I finally said I wanted my money back. Well, they gave me some of my money back.


By the way, I'm a 123 lb woman and I was able to lift the sectional with one arm.So what does that tell you?


I have just been given the runaround at Ikea Sacramento. Both the customer assistant and assistant manager - Becky - got very defensive very fast. Of course, no-one would give me any surnames and Becky told me her manager was out and refused to get hold of the next person up the line.

Jane, I disagre with your statement. A good customer service agent is there to resolve problems,not exarcebate them.How much attitude can a person produce in the 5 seconds it takes to greet the Ikea person and say 'Hi, I'd like to return this please.'?

The real mark of a store with good customer service is not how they treat customers who don't have a problem, but in how they treat customers who need something resolved.

IKEA is not one of the good ones.

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