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One word, do NOT fall in to trap of IKEA kitchen sales.

We ordered an entire set of cabinets, flooring, and counter-tops from them (IKEA draper at 67 West IKEA Way (1-15 & Bangerter Hwy.) Draper, UT 84020).

Some counter-tops were not available at the time (it was in March), they promised arrival in 4 weeks. We thought the installation is going to take about a month anyways, so we bought the rest. We got coupon to get the rest once they arrived; 1 small counter-top near the stove and one island.

Anyways, it is July now and their 4 weeks promise is going to extend even another 3 months, to maybe in August (if we are lucky)

Just do not buy from them or do not buy their promises, they lie plain simple.

This is by far the poorest quality of service in the united states, you can get with thousands of bucks.

Imagine a new kitchen with a big island (74x50") missing for almost half a year!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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We also made the mistake of buying into IKEA’s line of kitchen components, and are still waiting after months for drawer fronts, handles, etc etc. There’s no relief in sight.

A lot of hard earned cash went into the purchase of those components, we were given the expectation we would receive what was paid for in a timely manner. As it turns out this was completely untrue. We are a family and a functional kitchen is a crucial thing to have. This has been a costly, terrible disruption.

If you are considering buying IKEA kitchen cabinets, I would consider other options. Personally, I am hesitant to ever buy anything from them again, or trust anything they say.

I guess I’d add that any competent company wouldn’t create a kitchen line without projecting sales, and determining manufacturing quantities, and updating those projections as real numbers came in. It seems unlikely they were unaware when they gave us the impression the parts would be available within a few weeks.

This is speculation but it seems more likely they were more interested in generating sales without regard to promised delivery times, or any damages that might cause their customers. To me that is a glaring breach of trust.


I'm in the same boat. Don't order from IKEA if its on back-order! PERIOD. It's a real pain to check the status of your order and while the employees may have good intentions they CANT and WONT know for sure when its coming in.

I too was told my back-ordered items would be there in about 4 weeks. When I call to check the status (4 weeks later) it takes forever because IKEA's system makes the employees manually check on items individually, which took 15 mins for me each time.

The first time they told me they would call me back with a status - no return call.

The second time i called they had 2 of my items but NO ETA at all rest.

The third time I called they had 3 items and the ETA on the remaining items is "January" or "February"

It turns out they don't hold items for you as they come in either! So if my back-ordered items come in and another customer buys the same thing that day then it's theirs, while I'm left at home waiting on the next month to arrive.

Thankfully I found this post and am still within the 90 day period to get my money back!


I am an IKEA employee and we don't get commission and we don't promise anything. We have suppliers IKEA countertops are always out of stock because a lot of people but them and our suppliers can not keep up with demand stop crying over *** we can't fix


Alfredo, I've never even set foot inside an IKEA store. That "revolving inventory" came about from talks with my sister.


*** Are you 100% certain they make commissions?

From what my sister has told me about the lack of staffers on the salesroom floor, I highly doubt they are.

Again, get your money back and quit being such a crybaby.


Hi ANOn,

If you are an IKEA member you should NOT comment here. It's not proffesional.

What about the same delay WITH their promise

for a week or two. And still waiting for an item very imortant. Without this item we cannot order the countertop.

Their job is to warn you when you buy about the lead times. And they want only to sell, because they are payed by % sales as well.


Wah! You're item on BACK-ORDER is still on back-order?

That's your first mistake. And they don't "promise" anything to their customers, no stores do. If you can prove that it was a "promise", let's see it.

And furthermore, you should know when shopping at Ikea that certain items they have in stock one week might not be there the next. The stock at Ikea changes more frequently than any other store I know of.

Instead of crying about this, get your money back and order different cabinets.

Geez owe. :cry Get over it.