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Want to know what bugs me? (I love it when Andy Rooney- 60 Minutes says


In preparation for my son heading into high school I decided to redecorate

his room. What fun you say. Yes, indeed it was before I got screwed by


I hired a friend of mine to help with the work, I have some disabilities so

when they flare up I need assistance. My friend Adam would come over and do

the heavy lifting and climbing on ladders, etc. I would do the shopping.

Paint, wallpaper, new furniture. I went to my local home improvement store

to purchase the paint and wallpaper and new blinds, received great customer

service. I spent about $150.00. Next came furniture shopping.

I was so excited to shop at the brand new IKEA that opened in West Chester,

OH. I drove down from Columbus in a rented truck, about a 90 minute

commute. Anticipation building as each mile passed for the greatest shopping

adventure one can have. In the distance I can see the familiar bright blue

building with yellow lettering, my mecca! Finally I've arrived to begin my


IKEA is set up to display most of their items in their intended enviroment.

As a shopper you are required to carry around a shopping list, as you find

items you'd like to purchase you record the aisle and bin number of each

product to pick up when you're ready to check out. I spent hours

deliberating between many different styles of beds, dressers and wall

units. When I'd finally made up my mind I went to the "self service" area

to load up my cart for check out. This is where my problem begins; there

are reps stationed in the self service for people like me. If you're

physically unable to pick up heavy cartons, someone will help you. I gave

my list to a rep and he loaded everything onto a cart for me.

Interestingly, my list was created by a rep on the sales floor and was

printed from her computer. I headed for check out with my bed, wall unit,

mattress, desk, desk chair and various other items I couldn't live without.

$600+ dollars later my carts are outside in the loading area where again a

person was there to help me load everything into my rented truck to get

home. I have not had to lift a box any heavier than the one containing six

teaspoons I picked up in the kitchen goods area of the store. So 90 minutes

+/- later I arrive home with my rented truck and ask my son to unload.

Everything is placed in the garage to wait until the room is ready to accept

the new furniture. Days turn into months as summer is here and vacation

schedules get the renovation project off track. Finally this past Sunday

(21/2 months after I've shopped at IKEA) Adam has finished the painting and

is ready to assemble furniture. Low and behold from the very first box

we've got a problem and it goes further south from there. My complete wall

unit has turned into just a tower. And then I have the top of one desk

chair (this part was visible and correct) and bottom of another desk chair.

(of course they will not work together). The packaging had already been

sent out with the recylcing company the day before. (Remember this: don't

throw out any packaging materials because IKEA won't allow you to return

items without the correct packaging.)

I get on the phone with customer service on Monday afternoon. After about

40 minutes I have a case number and an assurance that a rep will call me

from the store within 48 hours to help resolve my issue. After 48 hours

come and go, I call again, this time the rep tells me that I'm mistaken, the

store has 72 hours to call me back. I've now spent over an hour on the phone

trying to resolve the issue. I'm trying to be patient, trying to give the

benefit of doubt. However, 72 hours have come and gone, I call again only to

be told this was all my fault because I failed to check all the boxes.

Tiffany in West Chester, Ohio customer service told me that just because one

of their employees received a typed written "pick list" that it fell to me

to pick up boxes, move them out of the way in order to see and check other

boxes at the bottom of my cart for accuracy. She continued to repeat over

and over, interrupting me saying "We're a self-service" store. Well, I

say "excuse me...if that's true then why did I receive help from a store

employee with pulling the order and then loading the order into my car. It

seems to me that this is awfully convenient when a mistake happens and IKEA

doesn't want to fix it. It was suggested by Tiffany that I make the 3 hour

round trip back to West Chester to exchange the already assembled furniture

sans desk chair. However, when she found it the packaging was gone she

changed her mind.

This kind of customer service is not what IKEA advertises. And frankly I've

never experienced this kind of discrimmination before. IKEA is unfair to

people who need assistance buying their merchandise when they fail to

recognize the need of its customers. The stores are not convenient to

everyone that want to shop there and the stores should be required put safe

guards in place for people like me that drive for hours to spend money at

the store and so customer don't walk out with the top of a desk chair with

the bottom of another chair that don't work together. How disappointing is

it that a company promises great customer service and then doesn't deliver?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Chair.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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To Anon: I guess you haven't read Ikea's Year in Review Report. (their strategic planning document) - they simply are silent on making their stores accessible.

The writers point is that she was not able to check everything because of her physical limitations.

So there probably is not a conspiracy but they simply do not care. Simple as that.


wow, you had me until you decided to use your disability as a pivot point for your complaint. if everything did in fact go the way you described it, it would seem that your troubles had ZERO to do with you being disabled, as any able-bodied customer could have suffered the same setback.

some don't approve of ikea and have had bad experiences - it is unfortunate and ikea management needs to resolve that, but i can assure you that there is no corporately-driven conspiracy to screw with the disabled - even FEDEX couldn't work out that logistical nightmare. accept the fact that you didn't check your stuff and go from there.

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