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On Sunday, July 25, 2010 I purchased a furniture item at IKEA Palo Alto, California described as Hopen Chst/4drw. As I started assembling this item today 2 of the wooden pegs being so flimsy broken by the weight of the part that was supposed to be holding (even though the screws were placed properly as well).

Note this was not my first, second, or third time assembling this product.

Returned the product to said store for being defective and I was told that I could not have a refund since this was an assemblage problem and not a defective product. I asked to speak to the Returns Manager.

This Manager arrived and spent some time screaming at another customer and eventually made his way the product I purchased and proceeded to tell me that the assemblage person had looked at the product and decided that it was an assemblage problem therefore I could only have store credit. I informed him that no one had looked at the product but he seemed comfortable inventing stories about it. He promptly called the assemblage individual that confirmed the same story he seemed comfortable to have manufactured minutes prior.

I asked what was his name and he told the cashier to write his name on my receipt and it read David (no last name). I asked him to speak to the Manager that run the store and I was told that he was in Germany and that I could call him at (650) 323-4532.

Called said # and no response and I was placed on a phone message loop. I again asked to get a number that may work or someone I could talk to about the issue. I was then given by David (650) 323-4532x1335 and told that Olie (no last name) was the Manager. I asked if I could talk to someone who was in charge of the facility while Olie was out and I was told that no one was in charge.

As the number given did not work on my phone I requested again for assistance in leaving a message and I was told that I needed to press 0 after (650) 323-4532 to speak to a person and as I did that the electronic

message looped me back to the begin.

After these events I demanded to see another Manager, whomever, so that I may speak. Two folks came out after a long wait. One avoided making eye contact and claimed to be Dan (no last name) a frontline Manager and the other claimed her name was Vicki (no last name) a frontline Manager who as she put was in charge of the facility while Olie was out.

I started explaining the situation and calmly stated to her that I wanted the situation resolved but If I could not eventually would retain Counsel and deal with it legally. She promptly told me that she would not talk

to me because I mentioned suing and proceeded to tell me that I needed to talk to the IKEA legal department. Fine, I asked for a phone # for the IKEA legal department and I was told to call (650) 323-4532.

I stated that maybe she could show me how I could reach it via that number and she stated verbatim "I don't know how to use that number".

Since my arrival at IKEA to return an item to the end of this circular idiotic conversation an hour + had lapsed and yet I remain unable to talk to anyone that makes any sense!!!

I request for a response on this matter and have contacted IKEA North America Corporate Offices at 610-834-0180 and left a message so far unreturned.

In my view this is the most atrocious customer service I ever experienced in my life.


Worst yet in my internet search of IKEA I run into this gem of a story about racism and bigotry at IKEA. Needless to say I am done with these clowns!!!

Monetary Loss: $149.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #715392

Purchased a gass range/stove at the Portland Oregon IKEA store and clearly told the (inept) sales personnel that we needed a natural gas to propane conversion kit. The day came to install the stove and true to IKEA form, there was no conversion kit.

Called the IKEA store. They indicated the propane conversion kit is no longer available, rendering the stove useless. Tried to inquire of IKEA how to rectify.

They refuse to answer their phones at customer service....don't blame this with a company that operate like this.


The quality has definitely improved over the years. I've bought everything from cutlery and picture frames to beds, sofas and tables and their very handy tool kit.

Being self-assemble it's much easier to move house when u can un then re-screw the furniture. The instructions do state you should tighten the screws periodically.


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Construction Centre - Number 1 for delivering results on building products and people.


I thought "IKEA" was a Japanese auto company? No wonder I can't find the keys!!!


I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea. I purchased a houseful of furniture two years ago and the only this that lasted was the coffee table and tv stand. However the price is right!




Half of the furniture in my house is from IKEA and it is awesome. I think if you already had trouble assembling it twice you shouldn't have tried again.

Or maybe you weren't assembling it correctly.


I *** the bullet and buy stuff from Ikea. Nothing lasts but this one awesome bunk bed for my son.

But that was about 15 years ago and I don't think Ikea is at that level of quality anymore. I bought a chair and it is already wobbling.

But until I sell a best seller and/or movie rights, I am biting the bullet . Their glassware is not too bad and I do like those tasty meatballs.


THIS is how you return things at IKEA (or anywhere else if you think you wil have a problem..

Dissaseble the product you put together then place it back in the box or boxes neatly then tape it up carefully. Go to the returns play super dumb and say you bought it for your teen or granny and they spazzed out and didnt want it.

9 times out of ten the cashier will believe you and refund your money no more questions asked. Seems simplistic but I have done returns for many years when I was younger and the customers that were friendly and offered the more simple explanations were VERY hard to argue with.

I have had multiple probs with IKEA furniture in my poor days and have returned items three times that I can recall with no issue. :)

Faith, South Dakota, United States #214642

my wife and i bough all of our furniture when first got married and we were in college from ikea about 2 years ago. I have to say that for the price it has been a great set, plus we disassemble it and put it back together every summer because we move and it is still in perfect condition.


Bought lots of stuff from IKEA over the past 20yrs and found that the product quality is widely variable (from the long lasting down to the 'cheap and nasty' stuff) so when shopping at IKEA, the golden rule for me is: Caveat Amptor (Buyers Beware)

Do take the time to inspect your potential aquisitions and ensure you are not intend the furniture for heavy duty or have to go through future relocations because that would most likely kill them.

Remember when you pay peanuts, you usually get monkeys !


I've been dealing with Ikea on and off for years.

Their return policy on open items has always been 'store credit' - it's written on the receipt so you're displaying that you failed to read the receipt and now you're upset about it.

They make bottom to middle quality furnishings, some of their cook wear is excellent and you'll see their lighting and seating products in many retail stores and restaurants.

If you think high end furniture is made of chip-board you need to spend some time learning about cabinetry. For their price the quality in in line.

Realize that a top quality piece of furniture can take a year or more just to apply the finish and you'll get an idea of what you should be paying for heirloom quality furniture.


Just purchased/assembled a real wood entertainment center and two chairs with no problem at all. A small lamp however came broken with a piece missing. I'll take it back tomorrow and see how the return process works.


Wow, talk about a microcosm of whats wrong with America. You pay for quality.

You buy cheap, you get cheap. duh. Why get exercised if your cheap is what you paid? Stop whining and learn from a bad choice.

Ikea has good stuff. I have it in my house, but I looked for it and used my judgement and didnt buy the cheap stuff. The words for the day: Forethought. Commonsense.


By the of the benefits of capitalism/consumerism is that if there is no market for the cheap stuff, it doesnt get produced.

Ben Franklin might have referred to buying cheap for cheaps sake as "false economy". Sheesh.


IKEA furniture is about as cheap built as well as priced. They keep the chinese in business making this throw away stuff!! Go to a resale shop and buy real wood furniture made in America..Most of it will be antique but it will outlast that Ikea trash!!


there is a reason you spend $12 on a coffee table. It's made of cardboard!

This is dorm and apartment furniture. It's not meant to be a family heirloom. And if you broke it while you were putting it together, what is wrong with a store credit?

they have returned tons of things from me with no problem whatsoever, then again, I didn't break it, try to get cash back and then act like a crazy person trying to call Sweden to speak with the Owner of Ikea. Maybe next time you should calm down with a $.50 hot dog and a cinnamon roll before you head to the returns counter.


Joe, good for you, keep on trucken!

Vicky, call me next time for help, my pleasure.

Nancy, stay calm and call me next you're frustrated.

Mojo, Call me when the new batch of pills comes in!

Mulch, lay off the coffee.


Never had a problem.


Ikea has inferior furniture. We bought an eight drawer dresser for my daughter who has moved three times in 3 years.

Not a scratch on it - its white - finish is perfect - she loves the style. BUT, the whole frame has warped, broken, and shifted. Several drawers will no longer close and no matter how much the frame is tightened its just not right.

I bought a REAL WOOD bedroom set for my other daughter - American made - its been also moved - twice - no problem.

I feel as if I have thrown away my money on Ikea furniture.

We should all just burn dollar bills in front of the store. The statement would be of greater satisfaction than the products!


Ikea sucks the quality was once good but not it sucks and they hate to give you a refund. i just avoid them all together.

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