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People kept saying "order your furniture from IKEA, they're really great". Well, those people are wrong.

Ordering furniture from IKEA is actually one of the most frustrating experiences I have gone through. See, I just got an apartment in New York City and I wanted my room to be done before my roommates moved in. So I went to IKEA, looked around, and ordered it online when I went home. I needed someone to assemble it so when they called to confirm my delivery date, I asked for assembly.

I was scheduled for delivery and assembly on the same day, which was exactly what I wanted. Oh did I receive a surprise on the day of the supposed delivery. NO ONE showed up. Little did I know, the delivery people (Urban Express) do not work as a team.

All the dates and times got confused so when I called, I got different answers from everyone. Finally, after speaking to the manager, a second date for my furniture was arranged. BUT surprise surprise, no one showed up again. After spending so much money on their furniture, on delivery, and assembly, I did not even get my furniture yet.

So as frustrated as ever, I called again and it seems as if the people who work there do not communicate with each other at all because otherwise, this would not have happened.

BOTTOM LINE: DO NOT ORDER FROM IKEA OR EXPECT DELIVERY ON TIME FROM URBAN EXPRESS. They might seem like a trustworthy company, but they are not responsible or efficient in any way.

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I've just had a terrible experience buying a bed from them. I arranged with the girl at Services for it to be delivered and assembled and my old bed disposed of.

When the delivery men turned up with it today they refused to take my old bed because 'it wasn't on their paperwork', they only take the mattress not the frame anyway and apparently the mattress has to be wrapped in plastic. Also the main delivery guy said he doesn't assemble beds, whatever the girl at Services told me. I don't know if he was fibbing or if the girl at Services was clueless - either way I will not be buying from them again. I phoned customer services to cancel my purchase and was told I'd get a full refund.

We'll see. In the mean time the new bed is blocking my hallway until the delivery man, who isn't answering his phone, can be persuaded to collect it next week.

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