ikea is the worst customer relation company on this planet. i used to like the store until i had to return something.

neverever buy anthing from these people. i will never buy anything from these corrupt socialist ignorants. they make you take a store credit after your credit card has been defrauded, almosty like they collude wit the thives.

this comapny is dead to me and i regret having to spend my money in this store of filth, because they held me to ransom. some *** steals my credit card and they cannot refund my purchase to the new number.

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ikea has no real customer service and relies on cheap products and uneducated buyers to sell there ***. I have been able to buy very similar products at a number of stores for better prices if you do a little shopping.

I attempted to buy an outdoor furniture set in june from the West Sacramento store that I had recieved a mail flier on.They were "out of stock" on that Item and I was told it is a seasonal item I they only get a "few in" in April and they sellout fast. When I complained all the way to the store manager, he told me that people wait for the seasonal furniture and it "sells out" in a week or two, yet the adds go out for two MONTHS. *** UP COMPANY.

If I treated my customers this way, i would be out of business in a month. Last time I will shop at ikea.


If you call your credit card company, they will advocate for you. I fear Ikea has become 'Too Big for their Britches' and it's sad that you should have to rely on a credit card company to put thing right with these people. I for one, feel your pain.


I've had this happen. You need to bring the letter or ask for a letter from the bank that shows the change over of account numbers. They keep this record so when the banks challenge them they have proof to why the refund was done to a different account.

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