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My son desided to decorate his room so he went to Ikea to buy a new bed as he was on a budget, he bought his bed and a computer desk. when he got home he set to work assembaling the furniture, only to discover that the bed did not have the slats that hold the matress.

Next morning we both went back to Ikea to get the slats for the bed, only to be told that he had to buy them.

I said that cant be right, so we went back to customer services and sure enough again we were told he had to buy them sepretly because they have several different types. after an argument, we went to get the slats and we only found ONE TYPE for the bed he bought.

At no time did we see this advertised in the store or the in the ikea book, this is just a *** by Ikea to make you spend more money.

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I love the comments that the IKEA management post. Notice their attitude toward their customers.

Don't shop IKEA. The management and merchandise suck. I used to work there and management view customers as nothing more than another victim to abuse and take their money. Hey IKEA management YOU SUCK, but I know you know that already.

You all will get yours in the end.

Karma baby. Karma.


If you have a boxspring u dont need to buy slats. And there are signs everywhere in th store nd online tht show theyre separate


I don't think the guy on the phone was rude, I just think you didn't like his answer. I think you thought he was rude because you don't want to believe what he was telling you, ESP. When it's on their website & price tag!


I've always bought bed frames separately from the box spring/slats. It seems to be the norm.


Okay. It says quite clearly on the sign that the price includes the bed frame and the midbeam.

Now, why would they not include slats in that price? Because many people already have a box spring for their bed. Don't you think it makes more sense to opt to buy something if you need rather than have a useless part? Also, the sign says you either need to have a box spring or slats for your bed frame.

They dont include it in the price because they have several different kinds that you can choose from, as well as the bed foundations.

Its not a ***... You just didn't read the sign.


It states that slats are sold separately and that the price DOES include a midbeam.


happened to me! bought the bed ... no slats. they told me the same thing. it was advertised at 89 dollars and then they are telling me its 30 dollars for slats. that therefore makes the bed 129 dollars.

the man on the complaint line at ikea was very rude, and i refuse to go spend more money with them. i will make my own *** slats.