1st time at IKEA - the stores are arranged as a maze to force the shopper to see every item in the store. The carts are available only at the entrance, and at the exit - tough luck if you need more space.

The staff often times will move your cart if in the isle. I even had my cart UNLOADED by the staff while I was searching for the storage containers for a shelf system halfway back through the maze they call a showroom. Also, watch out for items being on the the wrong shelves - especially in the self-serve furniture department.

Frankly, I will never go back to ikea again.

If you have the entire day to waste while being herded like mindless cows through their showroom maze, fine. But if you have chores to do, and need to find an item quickly and get on with your day, forget it!

Their concept is to herd you through a maze of theme rooms whilst enticing you to impulse shop, then further drug you with cafe food, and confound you with misleading signage, all in the hopes you'll spend more of your hard-earned dollars there. This has got to be the perfect example of the European socialist consumer ideal - numb them until they give us all of their money!

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great analogy Skippy.

More posts by IKEA management. I used to work for you **** heads.

You view customers as nothing more than another victim to abuse and take their money. All of IKEA's products suck and you know it. Your products are all compressed sawdust wrapped in plastic. IKEA has a team of people that comment on complaint boards trying to protect IKEA's bull**** reputation.

Do not purchase IKEA's cheap compressed sawdust products. The stuff is ****.

The Swedish word "IKEA" translated means BEND OVER and that's what you do when you shop there. IKEA SUCKS :(

Yeah you are kind of an ***. Everyone knows that after a while when you shop there more often, you find all their short cuts to other departments.

So when you are in a hurry you can just go right on down into the market hall and grab your stuff without walking around upstairs first.

BTW, I agree with Skippy, you have no clue what socialism is let alone socialist ideals.


You're a special one. Do you even know what Socialism is?

You've probably got one of those Three Wolves Howling at the Moon t-shirts on.

Theme parks also use the loop system to convey people through all the attractions. You probably don't have a problem with them because they serve Bud Light every two rides to keep you numb as you give them all your money.

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