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Recently we purchased some Hemnes drawer chests in an IKEA in Budapest, Hungary. All the Hemneses were on sale, we bought one small, one middle sized and two of the big one.

After the assembly of the small one it turned out that the drawer's front panel does not fit in place, its edge collides with the chest's front panel.

Still, this is not the main point..

During the assembly of the first three chests I noticed that some of the eccentric cams can't be tightened "well enough" (by "tightening well enough" I mean what I experienced in the past years during the assembly of other IKEA products, ie. during the tightening of the cam, at a certain torque it "clicks" in place, that is it reaches its stable extremal

position, and holds firmly from then on). Instead, while I try to tighten it with a screwdriver, expecting the well known "click", one of the following happens:

- either I stop tightening the cam halfway before the "click"

- or the cam bends open first, then it breaks

- or the dowel is pulled out from the other part, destroying the thread in the wood

The problem may be, that the holes of the problematic cams were not positioned precisely at manufacturing. It is enough to be drilled 1 millimeters farther from the edge of the panel, and it already does not allow the cam to swiwel into its stable position.

These fastening systems were intended to hold reliably only in their stable position, that means, if the cam is only swiweled halfway, it relaxes in time on every small bump that reaches the furniture.

We called the quality staff of IKEA, but he did not confirm the problem. He said the cams just held fine, and if we don't like it, we should contact the civil consumer protection. This was interesting, as he saw it as well, that some cams could be correcly tightened, and turning them until their stable position they hold much more reliably than the problematic ones.

He obviously had a good reason to deny our complaint, because if our chests prove to be badly manufactured, it can hardly be a unique fault. At 3 of the 4 chests we've bought the same problem with the cams exists, it makes the general manufacturing fault more likely (the 4th one is not yet unpacked). At a second glance it is clear, why these chests were on sale.

Well, here we are now, I don't have a clue what forum I should address with this problem, the IKEA Hungary definitely denies this, although I'm sure I'm right concerning the way of correct fastening of these cams.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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