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I recently purchased roughly $1,500 worth of furniture from IKEA. One of the items purchased was a two seater leather couch which I paid $400 for. I had it and all other items delivered to my home because I could not transport them on my own. After only two months of using the couch, the front wooden beam broke for no apparent reason while my wife was sitting on it. Neither of us is overweight, we have no kids an no pets. We did not abuse the couch in anyway and we have been the only two people to use it during the time we owned it.

When I called customer service, I spoke to the supervisor who told me that in order for them to consider refunding the purchase, I would need to bring the couch into a local store at my own expense. Even then, they could not guarantee that they would issue a refund. I would have had to spend between $50 and $100 just to get the couch to the store, and even if I did, they could say that it wasn't their fault and deny a return. The supervisor was also very rude and childish, saying "I don't work in Sweden and I don't make the policies" when I expressed frustration with what I view as an unfair and customer unfriendly policy.

The experience has made me realize that IKEA's furniture is cheap because it is poor quality and is ideal only for students or people who move a lot and throw away their furniture. I will never shop at IKEA again because of this experience and have recommended the same to my friends and family. "Cheap" furniture is not cheap if you have to replace it every 2 months!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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