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OK. Here is our follow up to IKEA Return Policy Sucks.

Fortunatly I am handy with tools. So instead of fighting IKEA I took matters into my \'own hands\' and repaired the deffective futon.

Now it is level no thanks to IKEA. We kept the futon and pledged never to buy IKEA again!

Original review posted by user Jan 04, 2012

We purchased a futon at the IKEA Burbank store. As other customers say over and over again, FORGET ABOUT IT!

How do you know if an item is defective through the cardboard box it comes in? Or unassembled, or unused (their description of unused is open and assembled) Our futon when assembled and in a bed position is 1" taller on one end than the other end. So you roll down hill when you lay down on the bed! WHAT!

So I call up the customer service rep. and, you got it...the beginning of the IKEA blow off!

By the way we spent over $600 cash to purchase this item and all the bedding, pillows etc. We are still in the thick of it, up date to follow.

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I tired to exchange a child's Christmas present to Ikea-Utah a few years ago, because it lacked some parts. I wasn't asking for cash, just the missing parts.

No deal. After waiting 40 minutes in the return line, I was turned down for lack of receipt. When I said that I don't need a receipt to exchange a product that did not have all of its parts, they suggested that perhaps I had purchased a damaged product from their as-is returned sale items and now was trying to get a fully functional item without paying full price. So, in addition to selling a defective product, they were now questioning my honesty.

This was not a customer friendly outlook.

That was the last time I ever bought anything from Ikea.

It appears that their business plan foresees the consistent loss of unsatisfied customers. I was happy to contribute to that plan.


The many unhappy customers that have written on many sites attest to the fact that IKEA's policies while questionably lawful are not accepted as fair by the general public. Ikea also goes out of it's way to make it VERY difficult to return.

The typical wait for a return is one hour ensuring you won't even try to return something. The statement above "I do not feel sorry for some of you" by an IKEA employee in customer service sums up how you are treated. The managers also deny any returns with weak "pre scripted" responses.

A few years ago HOME DEPOT also got tough on their returns but I noticed they relented because their business went down and I suspect IKEA will have the same problem. I noted recently how empty the local IKEA store was.


I work at the national call center now and I do not feel sorry for some of you. You call and complain about things that are explained in details on the website.

We give you a whole 3 months to return merchandise all we ask is you keep a box and a receipt.

IKEA is a good company to buy furniture from yes we are not perfect but no store is. Stop complaining and go to the store and fix your issues.


I used to work for them at their national callcenter taking calls just like yours.

They key to buying IKEA furniture is:

-always hold onto your receipt.

-try to keep the packaging as intact as possible

instead of calling customer service, go back to the store. the people at the call center do not work in the stores and cannot search to see if any spare parts are available. when you go into the store, explain your problem and offer one of three solutions.

-exchange the entire package for a new package.

-exchange the defective part for the same part only.

-return the item for the complete refund.

as long as you are within 90 days and you have your receipt and the item in its packaging (just box it up the best that you can) they cannot turn you down.

ikea was the worst company i ever worked for. i've never had any problems shopping there, but the way they treated their employees was terrible.


The problem is the store. They intentionally slow down the whole process so it is a painful experience for all and no one gets finished without waiting over 45 mins in the line.

Its not about receipt its about respect that.

Your attitude is a perfect example of how they treat their customers. Shame on you.