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They have these plastic cutting boards that they advertise to be bendable, so that you can bend it and easily pour your chopped, juliened, whatever-ed food into the bowl. Well, you probably want to chop it with your fingernails because if you use a regular knife, little shavings of plastic come off and go right into your food!

What a health hazard!!!

I mean, we are all worried about the small plastic molecules that come off of plastic water bottles and go into our bodies, but why sweat the small stuff? I've been eating actual shavings for a few meals!

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Sorry about your problems with this product from Ikea. I have similar cutting sheets I bought from Walmart.

I have used them dozens of times without one problem. I just double checked my cutting sheets and they do have some light, superficial cut lines on them, but not to the point where the plastic is being shaved off. Nothing is indestructible or lasts forever, but I have been using my sheets for years and not a Master chef, I do know how to handle a chef's knife. How old are your cutting sheets, they may just need to be replaced or at least take them back to Ikea.

I would think that it would not matter where you got these, they should all be made with the same materials. You might also want to try sharpening your knives so you are not putting so much pressure on the cutting sheets.

A sharp knife leaves only a slight impression on your cutting board/sheet as you are cutting your produce/whatever, not the sheet itself. good luck


:? That is not to be used as a cuttingboard, it's to be used to transport food better than using your hands.

Go to Sam's club and for 30 bucks and get a professional cutting board.

If you want authentic, for $40-150 butcher block is better. If it does infact day cutting board, they need to rename it or remove it from stores


Please don't be so righteous until you've checked their online ad yourself. From the Ikea website:


Bendable chopping board, green, red

$1.99 / 2 pack

The chopping board is flexible which makes it easier to pour out the cut food without spilling it.

Size 14 ½x11 ½"


Hahaha, come folks. These boards an be used to cut, but it requires some level of competency.

These aren't as you said to CHOP or apply extra force to.

I have several of these and they are perfect for what they were designed to do, color code so you don't cross contaminate, slice with a light touch, and then bend to funnel the food into narrow containers. You don't approach a thin piece of plastic with a samurais swing and expect it to hold up.


They cost one dollar each at Ikea? They are even less elsewhere so you can use them a few times and throw them

away when they are too hacked up.