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I purchased a couch cover at Ikea in E. Palo Alto, CA.

When I came home to put it on my couch, I realized that it doesn't fit. I went back to the store and waited more than an hour for my number at the return/exchange counter to be called. When I put my merchandise on the counter, the customer service woman asked me if I had a pet, looking at me like I did a crime. I found out that I couldn't return the merchandise because the package had been opened.

How could I try it if I didn't open the package?

The store manager named Ulices came and I showed him that the merchandise was in great shape, never been used, not dirty, nor abused (as mentioned on the return policy) and yet, he would not take back my merchandise. It cost me $170 and incrimination.

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Eugene, Oregon, United States #597141

I bought a "comforter cover" out of the bargain bin. Note that there is a BIG sign in the Bargain area telling shoppers NOT to open packaging (which is often taped shut because it was a returned item).

I get the "comforter cover" home, open it, and it's NOT a comforter cover (much less the size on the label), it's some sort of slipcover for a couch. I go back to return it, and am told that Bargain items are non-returnable.

Even when I explained, and showed them, that the item is NOT what the label says, they won't take it back.

Now I open any Bargain item before buying, no matter what their sign says, to be sure the label isn't lying. If they are unhappy about torn-open packaging in their Bargain bins, they have only themselves to blame!

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