We bought the expedit shelving for our nursery. We brought it home I put it together in my living room and then carried it into the nursery. Only to find out the Ikea's brand of white is not white. It is a off/ creamy white. It didn't match our white furniture we already had. So took it apart, put it back in the box. The only different between now and 12hours previous is that the box was taped to keep it closed and the plastic bag that holds the hardware was ripped. We walked into customer service to find that we could only get store credit after maybe 16 hours of having purchased the shelves. Because the item is now used. They told us because it was already assembled and taken apart that when it had to be put together again it wouldn't be as sturdy as the first time it was put together so now they had to severely discount it. They don't care if their white isn't white. They told us we should have brought in a drawer from our existing furniture to make sure it matched and for that it was a preference problem and not a product default. But it is false advertising. They label it as white and as long "as it is close enough" then it is ok to label it white. After realizing that they would not budge on giving us our money back for our shelves that were put together for maybe 10 mins. They offered us store credit.

We went shopping in this store that is full of stuff we don't need. They only thing we had wanted in this store was the shelves. After awhile we found a piece of artwork that would work well in our house. We started to look for it in the bins, only to find out there wasn't any left. Keep in mind this is 30 mins after the store opened. We found an employee and asked him if they had any in stock because we weren't able to find any. He stated their should be plenty as they stock every night. He looked it up in his computer and found that the had several in stock but unfortunately they were in the warehouse and not on the floor. (They weren't stocked every night) He then proceeded to tell us that they will have them out on the floor tomorrow if we wanted to come back. We told him we live an hour and a half away and can't keep driving back in forth to this store. He stated that their company policy states they are not allowed to get anything from the shelves in the warehouse with a forklift during business hours. We asked for a manager and she told us the same thing. So we asked since they messed up could we get it shipped to us. Nope. We asked if we could pay for it now and pick it up when they get the artwork on the floor. Nope, can't pay for items early that aren't being shipped or assembled. We asked if when we come to the store next if we could call and have them hold one for us so that we wouldn't waste a trip. Nope. They had them in stock but wouldn't get them for us and wouldn't let us do much else. They stated that if we call before we drive there they can tell us how many they have so we can decide if we want to make the trip or not.

I feel bad for the people who work their and can't budge from these crazy policies. They don't assemble their furniture to save their costs and they don't give you your money back after you put it together. They don't cater to the customer. Home Depot operates forklifts all the time with people around. But they are such a big company they don't care if they *** off a few people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Customer Care.

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I'm unaware of a Home Depot that operates Forklifts with people around. I would consider that a Safety risk.

It's true, even though the item is in overstock, it is not safe to reach during store hours.

Each supplier for IKEA uses a somewhat different white, it is always better to bring something from home to match the colour. Have you seen the Home Depot Paint Department and noticed how many whites there are?


You are absolutely correct. I was told the same thing about a brand new table I tried to return.

Because I removed it from the packaging, they considered the item used and absolutely refused to refund my purchase.

Their return policy is absurd, as is most of their policies. Being such a large company, customer retention is most definitely not their priority.

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