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I tried to return a Kilan 102 x 110" brown bedspread to Ikea in San Diego, CA that partially melted in my Fischer & Paykel dryer (on normal heat as suggested on the tag) and they would not refund my money or offer a replacement.

The Loss Prevention Manager said "it was not a quality issue". She claimed that the bedspread melted because it was crammed into my dryer. I explained that none of my other cal-king bedspreads have melted in my dryer before, why now?!

The polyester fibers inside the bedspread melted and cracked rendering the bedspread useless so I left it at the store so they could dispose of the trash they sold me.

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Gays, Illinois, United States #16786

Rob, you obviously did not read my posting above (on normal heat as suggested on the tag) or you would not have jumped to an obviously biased and idiotic assumption! Get some glasses.

Saipan, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands #16703

Boo hoo. I'd give 50-1 odds you threw it in the dryer without looking at the care instructions, and I'd give 100-1 odds that you wouldn't admit it anyway.

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