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IKEA will not refund any assembled furniture even though their return policy on the receipt stated that they would accept all refund. They might as well state that the will not refund any products since 90% of their products required assembly.

Their products and customer services is the worst experienced I ever encounter.

Here is my what I have experienced from IKEA:

I bought a kitchen stand alone cabinet for about $400. After, bought it home and spend about 3 hours to assembled it, I found out it is too big for my kitchen. I went back to IKEA to pick a few small items and asked their customer service and sale associated on the sale floor about their return policy with assembled furniture. They all told me that they accept the return in that condition. However, some told me that their might be a 15% restocking fee, and other told me they will give store credits instead. Anyhow, knowing that it is possible to return assembled furniture, I decided to lug the big cabinet onto my small size truck for return the following weekend. I drove very cautiously 45 MPH on the freeway 30 miles away to return the cabinet and waited for about 2 hours to get get service only to get denied due to assembled furniture. The girl told me that and assembled products cannot be return even if you un-assembled it. That pretty mean you cannot get refund only anything at IKEA since almost all their products required assembly. I then talk went to the customer services on the floor who told me that they would honor assembled furniture. Later I talked to the Assistant store manager, Bret, who gave me the impression that he thinks he is god and that "no one is above him" and already made up his mind to no refund my money even though it is within return policy stated on the receipt.

I will never ever shop at IKEA again and warning everyone not to buy anything unless you know for sure that you will not going to return it for any reasons

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IKEA is FRANCHISE!!! (I know, I was surprised as well) Each store is run by a different franchisee, HENCE the differing return policy enforcement.

I have never had a problem in Costa Mesa, CA. Maybe the people who have issues should try a different IKEA.

PS: IKEA used to be Swedish, it is now owned by a Dutch company from Delft, Netherlands.

to Dino Burrito #574256

IKEA is not a franchise business. Where did you get that idea?

It is one company. A franchise is being /owned/ by different companies/people, and it's not. I'm sure that the managers and employees at different locations interpret. and thus enforce, the returns policy differently, though.

Also, I heard that the policies are different in different countries. That's probably because of laws.


I purchased door hardware at their store in Sunrise FL. We opened it, it was too small, so we took it back with the receipt and they did not want to return our money, they wanted to give me store credit telling me their policy is not give returns on opened merchandise. This is a terrible policy, it's similar to Europe...IKEA understand you are doing business in the USA and we have different customer service standards.


I just had a very positive experience with returning an item at IKEA. Bought the item a few days ago, threw away one of the boxes then found the item was far too big. I returned it today, they were very nice and returned all of my money with no problems, they said the missing box was not an issue.


At my local Ikea, employees have been quite friendly about issuing refunds, provided you have your receipts. So...I wouldn't call it a fraud.




You morons need to learn to measure the furniture before you buy it so you know if it will properly fit the space or not and take the time to examine the furniture in the IKEA store before buying it so you know if it's high enough quality to you. Morons.


I have just spent 5 hours assembling a 6 drawer chest from Ikea. Followed all thr instructions exactly.

The top 2 smaller draws don't fit in properly. I'm concerned that when I ring Ikea tomorrow, that they are not going to either a) refund me or b) fix it for me.

I worked on Christmas day for the extra money so that I cpould buy this chest of drawers for my son. I'm so beyond annoyed.


I bought my grandson a wagon for Christmas. When he opened it up it was broken, we did not assemble it.

So I brought it back with my credit card in hand, I wanted to exchange it for one that was not broken. I was told because I did not have my receipt. I could not exchange it. Ikea sells broken items and expects you to keep it.

I even asked the manager and he said it was policy.

That day I was planing on buying an entertainment center. They lost that business and all my business forever.


Purchase $600 worth of goods. Lose receipt in stiff wind while loading into car, with no assistance from IKEA staff.

Assemble clothing rack. Clothing rack fails to stay upright while holding clothes. Return to IKEA 10 days later with the credit card used to purchase the item: too bad. Look up the receipt using the credit card?

We don't do that. Let me get this right: Target, Walmart, and any number of other, seemingly lower-brow stores can look up my receipt using my card, but international IKEA can't?

Sounds to me like an excuse for IKEA to stick me with their janky, brokedick, cheap *** so that they don't take a loss on the poor quality of their items.

Never again. They just lost me, forever, over a $15 item.

to Sondra #574263

IKEA doesn't keep your credit card on file. I don't know if that's because of liability issues or what, but they don't.

Target and those other stores actually track all of your purchases through your credit card number, and they send you direct marketing with that information. I, personally, like that they don't keep all of my info, and wish that more stores didn't, too.

to Sondra Hoboken, New Jersey, United States #950686

Pro-tip: When you buy $600 worth of goods and get a receipt, put it somewhere a "stiff wind" won't blow it away.

Truckee, California, United States #363856
You should have shopped at Home Depot. Much better customer service.

A friend of Home Depot :)

Emma's tips are good. I bought an ottoman and realized it was a bad decision, and I took it and the slipcover back and got a full refund.

Luckily, I still had the box (procrastination saves the day!) and I put everything back in, and brought it back.

I didn't glue it back--just taped up the box--but they did open to check everything was still inside. It's kind of a pain to have to plan ahead and keep all the packaging just in case, but better than not getting all your money back.


Never had issues returning stuff to my ikea... Just make sure you have your receipt, your credit card, return it within the time period, and more importantly go in there with a friendly attitude. Far too many times I see my fellow customers treat employees like ***!


Jenny Lyn Young Don't shop there. The employees do not care.

I returned some large items and it took me 20 minutes to try to return the items because they only had two people at the returns dept on a Saturday. Then because I did not have the original credit card in which I made the purchases, they made me take store credit even though I had a in-date receipt. They gave some b.s. about "security" or "fraud" but then why would you give me store credit?

There was nothing on the receipt that stated one must have the original credit card, what if you changed account numbers or closed your credit card, or it was stolen, then you would be out of luck. All I wanted was for them to credit the original card. Why would I steal merchandise and a receipt and then want the money to be returned to the original card holder's account? That does not make sense.

They insinuated that I found the receipt and that I wanted to commit fraud, bloody cheek. I think Ikea just wants to make it as hard as possible for customers to return items so they won't.

I shopped a lot here (1000K+) and will never shop here again. They lost thousands of dollars of business and I am sure they do not care.


I bought an ottoman. Broke three times the same way.

By the third one, yes ill admit i was frustrated at this point, but I took it back, they documented my problem and then assembled one for me. So no, they aren't fraudulent.

Maybe you were just in a bad mood, and lets be honest, who would want to be nice to someone who calls them a ****. And to "ihateikea" who buys a table without taking measurements for the space first?


Based on a recent experience at IKEA with their RUDE and UNBENDING return department, I don't think that we will ever shop there again.

These people are nasty and ridiculous to deal with.

I will try to find a newspaper who might like to print my story.

No more IKEA for this family. Their prices are cheap but their customer service is a disgrace and insulting to deal with.


I bought a table at the costa mesa store, and after assembling 75% of it, realized the package was missing two parts. After driving 45 minutes back to the store, I picked up the missing parts and finished assembling the table.

Once complete, I realized how cheap and poor quality the furniture was. Also, the table was too large for the space we wanted to use it for. I called Ikea before going back to the store, and was told that I would be able to return the assembled furniture, but would get a store credit instead of a refund. When I got to the store, the rude POS customer svc.

rep told me, "It's up to the discretion of each store how they accept returns. Our store's policy is that we do not accept assembled furniture, except if our "as-is" dept says they will take it." He then told me that the as-is dept would take my table, but I would only get 60% refund of the purchase price. When I asked why I was told over the phone that I would get a store credit for the full purchase price, he said again, "it's up to each store's discretion how we accept returns. We don't accept returns of assembled furniture." After we left, my wife told me that she watched as a woman returned a used bed frame for a full refund at one of the other registers.

Apparently, you can only return assembled furniture in orange county if you are a white woman with fake ***. Needless to say, I will never shop at Ikea again and hope that others will boycott Ikea until they start hiring employees with brains and change their racist ways.

to ihateikea #574269

How do you know it had anything to do with race, and not just because you were talking to an employee who was having a bad day? Next time I'd ask to talk to the manager. Usually that gets things done.

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